Sunday, May 4, 2008

Eu Quiero uma Pizza, Por Favor!

"I would like one pizza please!" Simple words. Most of us dont think twice when we pick up the phone and order a pizza- its simple! Call, give them your number and tell them what you want! 30 Minutes later (or its free!) a car pulls up and presto.. instant supper!
On Thursday ( Labour day Holiday here in Brazil), we decided to order in Pizza for supper- how hard could it be??? But to be prepared, I went over to Suely, with a list of carefully written questions so that I would know just what to say when I called D'Carlli's later that evening. (BTW- The pizza here is fabulous! Different.. but amazing.. i think i like it better than at home!) If you look closely at the takeout menu number 40 is the "canadian pizza" It includes such "Canadian pizza ingredients " as mozzorela, back bacon, CORN AND PEAS????!!! Oh well.. anyways.. continuing with my story.....So two hours later, armed with my carefully written script, written out by Suely.. I called. Well.. i managed to get the greeting right, but was lost after that! I knew she asked for my telefone number.. so i said.. "Meu numero de telefone es dois oito tres tres (2833)" To which she replied (in portuguese of course so maybe i wasnt understanding completly!?) "what is your telefone number?" (Now i am confused.. didnt i just tell her my number??) So i tell her again. "dois.........". To which she replies "what is your telefone number?" This goes on for about 3 minutes until i am so completly frustrated i say "desculpe..tchau" and hang up! (sorry goodbye!)
Well.. now i was just emabarrased.. i mean seriously.. how hard can it be... (for those of you who dont know.. it can be VERY hard!!) But after 40 minutes of feeling sorry for myself and crying, i pulled out my dictionary, wrote up a few sentences i thought might be useful (such as.. talk slower please i only speak a little portuguese!). Then we called again- this time using the speakerphone as we assumed two heads would be better than one! Well after some amusing moments we managed to order two pizzas and give the correct address for delivery! ( Of course only one pizza got delievered..but after that ordeal... who's counting?)
It is interesting how we take for granted our ability to effectively communicate our wants and needs. As we have now spent nearly two weeks here in Brazil, we are realising how very important it is for us to learn this language and be able to speak it clearly enough to make our point clear- it will save us a good deal of time, and also a lot of confusion and miscomunications!
We have been blessed to meet some of the friendliest people on the planet! On friday we were able to attend a Bible Study group at a home near ours. It was their very first meeting, and we were welcomed in, and accepted. They were very patient, and always made sure to ask if we had anything to add to the conversation at hand- (of course half the time we had no clue what they were talking about.. but it was nice of them anyway!)
We also had our first portuguese lessons this week- our teacher is very good at making us pronounce things properly and if we dont she makes us say it over and over until we have it right. Our friday lesson was spent in Curitiba at the shopping mall, learning the names for all the various types of clothing. Our teacher's name is Mariana- she has a degree in linguistics, is recently married and new to the area. Her and her husband, Celso (selso), have not had time to make many friends in the area, so we are enjoying spending some "down" time with them as well, building relationships and trying out our conversational portuguese on poor Celso!
(Mariana and Celso in their kitchen- the smallest kitchen i have ever seen.. it also is the laundry room. The pizza is sitting onthe stove, to the right is the cupboards and rick is standing in the doorway leaning back to get as much into the picture as possible. The whole room is probably 5x8. )Hot Shower- Brazillian Style! (Yes.. those are electical wires.. there is an element in the showerhead that heats up the water as it passes thru)
We jump into our full schedule this week, with time alloted for helping at Mount Horeb in the nursery, with the maintenance department, in the kitchen, and observing classes- in addition to our own portuguese classes and studying. This week is supposed to be a bit warmer than the last- which is good- we have been very chilled for six days now, and will appreciate the suns warmth!
Thank you so much for your prayers. We appreciate them more than you will ever know. Please continue to remember us as we study!
Hockey Dude just hanging out in our living room! (he looks upset.. maybe because it is so cold and there is no hockey anywhere !!!)
Tchau! Rick & Heather


Derek & Jo said...

You're in the "my brain hurts from trying to understand and thinking so hard" Talking on the phone is the absolute hardest thing to do...don't get discouraged! Praying that God will multiply your learning...

Luke said...

Oh it's so good to hear about your experiences...
I am sure that the lady at D'Carlli's was pretty confused, but in the end you got it eh?! You sure got to order your pizza! :)
I am happy you guys are more adjusted to the new country.
take care...