Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What do you SEE?

SO, What do you see? Smiles, happy faces, joy? Boys and girls who have never experienced a hot shower, Electricity, even a flushing toilet. Many of these children have not even experienced an outhouse. And all we see is smiles. What an incredible experience it is when you are surrounded by people with nothing, who live like they have everything. Smile like they have everything. Hope. They have a hope for a better tommorrow, and a knowledge that God has a plan for them. A plan that in a world of luxury, we so easily forget. I am soo excited as we begin our life journey to Africa, for what God has in store for us, and i hope that in each and every picture, and moment you see me, i too will be able to smile, despite life's sorrows. We have so much to learn from those who truly have it all figured out. God has a plan for tommorrow, despite the pain of today.