Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Pics

Our Bedroom The veiw from our kitchen window, the roof belongs to a house that I can see straight thru when the sun is setting.. it would fall into the plain boards house category mentioned below. This is for Lynn. She has this thing about gas station signs- I took this on the bus trip from one airport in Sau Paulo to the other to catch our flight to Curitiba. This sign belongs to one of the main gas stations in Brazil. Busy Busy roads in Sau Paulo!
Couldnt fit all the pics in one post, so here are the rest! I will try and get some more pics from mount horeb.. its a crazy place. They have nearly 200 children attending school there and it is always very noisy! :) Our home is about a ten minute walk from there but its good excerise! :)


L. Lagore said...

Hey Heather...that's a ni-i-ice gas station sign! Thanks :P

Luke said...

Nice blog Heather! :)

(I expect reciprocity on the comments! lol)