Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Pics

Our Bedroom The veiw from our kitchen window, the roof belongs to a house that I can see straight thru when the sun is setting.. it would fall into the plain boards house category mentioned below. This is for Lynn. She has this thing about gas station signs- I took this on the bus trip from one airport in Sau Paulo to the other to catch our flight to Curitiba. This sign belongs to one of the main gas stations in Brazil. Busy Busy roads in Sau Paulo!
Couldnt fit all the pics in one post, so here are the rest! I will try and get some more pics from mount horeb.. its a crazy place. They have nearly 200 children attending school there and it is always very noisy! :) Our home is about a ten minute walk from there but its good excerise! :)

Lar Doce Lar (home sweet home)

Rick relaxing in our hammock ,we bought it for the trip- this is our porch/carport but we dont have a car so i guess its just a porch. :) Our front door. The sign says PAZ- portuguese for "Peace" it was made by our neighbor/host Suely. Our front room/living room Our Kitchen/dining room
Well - it has been a whirlwind week, and as we near the end of it, we can hardly believe how far we have travelled and how much information overload we have had! We have been picking up new Portuguese words every day, and are looking forward to our first official class on Wednesday. We have asked for a week or so to get ourselves situated, rested up, and comfortable before we delve into any other responsibilitys!
We are loving our little home, it is a very simple clapboard home, which is kind of the middle ground as houses go.. the nice ones are made of concrete block and concrete, then those like ours of finished wood and with windows etc, and then those made of plain boards, with no windows, and gaps between every board.. and then the shacks. The inside is nicely done, and we will have a hot shower eventually as soon as we get the shower head fixed... yes the shower head.. there is an electric element inside the shower head that heats up the water as it passes through. I know it sounds like an electrocution waiting to happen.. but you just have to remember... NO ADJUSTING THE SHOWER HEAD... and you should be fine! Until now we have been boiling water on our stove and then taking bucket showers.
We also learned last night that we are in a "unique position" in the neighborhood. Our house is located two houses up from the local "Crack House" run by the guy in charge of crack cocaine for our area. Now while this makes our weekend nights rather noisy and busy on our little street- it does ensure some measure of safety! You see- the guys who do the stealing are usually stealing for drug money, so their suppliers make sure they know not to steal from the houses around the crack house, so the police dont get called into the area and start snooping around. Never thought I would be thankful for a crack house so close!
Our town of Itaperucu ( prounounced.. ee-ta-peru-su) is located in a beautiful area, lots of green hills covered in big trees, but the town itself is mostly concrete ( due largely to the fact that the MAIN industry in the area is the huge concrete factory on the edge of town). Its still a beautiful place though, everything is brightly painted and very colorful.
For the most part we are finding stuff is cheaper here, by about 1/3 for most things.. like bread or milk . But fruits and vegetables are much cheaper as are services such as hair cuts, dentists, manicures etc. I was shown how to get a manicure and pedicure today (life is rough - im telling you!) It is beautifully done, with flowers on my nails and everything, and it cost about 8 Dollars CAD for the whole thing (hands and feet!)! So cheap!
Every time we leave our front door is a new language learning experience for us, and at the end of every day our heads are either spinning or in shut down mode, exhausted from all the struggling to understand each and every conversation we enter into! Well, I should post some pictures yet.. this post is rather long though, so I may just post a bunch in a new post! God Bless, and keep praying! We love hearing from you all.. whether by email or comments on here!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bom Dia!

We have arrived in Brazil safe and sound, and will hopefully be posting a bunch of pictures tomorow so we can show you the amazing views of our litle house! And all of our adventures along the way! We have been so busy meeting new people and learning names and how to shop its just crazy! We have realised that aside from our teacher, once the other missionaries leave on monday, we will really be in an entirely portuguese enviroment... there is very few people who understand ANY english at all, let alone can converse in it. For the first month I think it will be very frustrating and tiresome, but once we have some question words we know, and can introduce ourselves, and some verbs and vocablulary, we should be able to at least have a basic conversation!
Here is the promised pictures from last time. (Caleb... you know which one is for you! )

This is Calebs crazy hockey guy he gave Rick... he is travelling the world with us, a silent companion in our luggage.. he came out for a few minutes at Toronto Airport to look at the planes and get some air!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Goodbye for Now

So here it is, the tears have been cried, friends and family hugged, and we are finally off pursueing God, and His call for our lives. What an exciting feeling to know that without God you truly have nothing, and without Him, there would be no passion, and no purpose. Well, as exciting as all that sounds, at the moment, I am just here in the Toronto airport, reflecting on the day. Ahh, who am i kidding, i am sitting here, totally beat, and tired, but yes, i am still excited. We don't yet have much to add to this blog but a thanks to those who have prayed, and supported, and loved. We appreciate each of you more then you know. A special thanks to all who called to say goodbye. It means the world. So, to all, Good Bye for now. I say for now because i am expecting a visit, so start saving. lol. sorry no pics. internet issues. lol will try later

Monday, April 7, 2008


Well, we have finally got our computer fixed and are ready to give updates on all that has been happening in our lives. Basically God is good. We have sold all of our "Stuff," quit our jobs, moved out of the garage and are ready to head for Africa, and God has been blessing us incredibly every step of the way. A special thanks to all those who have been part of that and who showed up in incredible support at our "Sell-ebration" on March 30th, as we sold most of our stuff, and raised some incredible moneyto help us when we head to Mozambique. I have a quick update for all those who have been praying for us in these last weeks- We were incredible blessed with our "sellebration" as we beat our target of $2000 by 10. Not $10, but $10, 000 over our expectations. God is definitely good. That means that not only did we finish paying off our debt, we put $10, 000 towards the work of SAM Ministries and our upcoming expenses. Thanks again to all who showed up at the event or prayed for us beforehand. God is faithful.
Another awesome praise report recently has been that we finally got our visa's approved for Brazil. For those who were not aware, our first application was put on hold and we were worried that it wouldn't happen. But thankfully, as many people prayed, they decided to finally give us our visa's which arrived just 5 days ago. That was close.
Anyways, we are now in New Brunswick staying with Heather's parents until April 17. We have been busy visiting family & speaking at various churches and Awana clubs. We were able to travel over the world famous Confederation Bridge to PEI, in 100 km/hour winds- which blew our little station wagon all over! We head home until April 22 when we leave for Brazil. Things are definitely getting crazy. We would also like to thank the Oteno's for a great performance at our fundraiser (i will post your video on facebook soon). Well, that is all for now, we will try and add a post again soon.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sellebration Update coming

Hey all.. our computer is being repaired, but as soon as we get it back we will do a real update with pictures and stuff! Thanks to all who came out... check back soon for more updates! Rick and Heather