Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Leaving... (this time on a jet plane!)

Praise the Lord! This monday we finally received Tendai's Visa for Canada- WOOOHOOO!!!!! Its been  long months of waiting, but we are FINALLY going to be going home! Booking on short notice means some interesting flight plans... but we will be leaving later this week, and arriving in Manitoba on Monday evening. Please pray for safe travels, especially since this will be Tendai's first time flying!
We will update once we are safely home in Canada, but wanted to let you know that all those prayers lifted up on our behalf were heard and answered in a wonderful way! God is Good!
God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai

Friday, September 17, 2010

How my "manliness" almost killed me (a post by Rick)

Ok, I guess I could substitute stupidity for "manliness" but I think we could probably use these terms interchangalby.  Heres the story. First of course, I should preface this story by saying, I am a bit of a hypocrite.  For the last two years we have seen many visitors come to the farm and each visitor recieves the same instructions.   If you are achy, feverish, and have a head-ache you need to take your malaria medicine.  We tell this to every visitor although there are some who do not like to take that advice.  Those are the ones who tend to get real sick real quick.

Anyways, back to my story.  A couple days ago, I began to have lots of joint pain but just thought it was because I am getting older and am a bit of a wimp.  That and I tried to do push ups the day before.  I also figured that might be why I had such an intense headache since I get those due to an old neck injury.   My wife on the other hand highly recommended that I start on my malaria meds (shes a smart woman!).  She told me I was getting the symptoms and that I should practice what I preach and take the malaria meds.  But I insisted I am manly, and I DO NOT HAVE malaria (still not sure how getting a sickness is unmanly). 

Anyways, the next day some friends offered to watch tendai for us so we could go on a date.  Our first "date" in over 2 years, so I of course jumped at the opportunity despite being achey, slightly feverish, with a headache.  And what a wonderful date it was.  Since we are stuck in South Africa waiting for a visa for tendai, we were actually able to go to dinner and a movie, which was awesome.  (Especially since I was getting sick and it did not involve a lot of activity.)  After supper, we went to pick up the baby from our friends which turned into a really good visit.  However by this time I was like a kid with really bad diahrea holding back with all I had.  Not diahrea of course, but the effects of malaria.  I was fighting the chills, aches, and headache, but did not want to be a whiner and complain to my wife. I am manly (right, like a man can actually defeat a sickness raging through his body.... It's not a dragon!)  and I am not sick and will not complain.  Finally however, it was time to go, and I no longer had to pretend I was ok.  Of course by now the chills are so bad that I am shaking like a leaf in a tornado.   I think I pulled a muscle in my neck, and my lower back, just from the chills.  That and my jaw is strained from all the chattering and I don't want to talk (but I think that one Heather might say was an answer to prayer and not the malaria).   

At this point I succumbed to pressure and took the medicine, after a long long night of shaking, and suffering, I finally am getting better.  I am not sure if this makes me any less manly for taking my meds, but I know I will live another day.  Funny thing is, this is not the first time.  Last time this happened, I was brought to the hospital when my kidneys wanted to shut down.  Hmmm.  They say insanity is repeating the same thing over and over expecting a different result.   I disagreee.  On this premise, all manly men, would be insane!  Just doesn't seem right.  Anyways, moral of the story.   Don't work out the day before getting malaria.. cus it just makes it hurt more.

(Heather's note... despite what the title of the post says, Rick was not near death... he did have malaria, and it did hit him hard, but he wasnt near death. I would never let him get that sick, just to avoid looking like a sissy (which he doesnt... its just medicine for crying out loud!!)

Well for all those wondering what is going on now in our lives the basic answer is waiting, studying and preparing.  We are waiting for Tendai's visa. I think we have to have an answer by the 30th, but are hoping to recieve one much sooner.   The current process goes like this.  We have been told we need a TB test.  We do the TB test.  We recieve the answer which says Tendai does not have TB.  That response gets sent to Kenya where another doctor stamps the results.  The results then get returned to Immigration in South Africa, and our application is approved.  Lots of waiting.

 So now we are working on office work that needs to be done for the mission while we wait here. I am working on making church video's, reworking a youth book for the local pastors, and catching up on other mission related office work.  Other then that, we are just praying that God will continue to open the doors for us to be able to come home and we hope that you as well will pray with us for this.   God bless. Rick, Heather & Tendai

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Currently we are in South Africa, waiting to hear from our embassy regarding Tendai's visa. Praise the Lord that the additional medical tests they had required of us, to screen and test for TB, came back Negative! Now we are waiting for the cheif medical guy in Kenya to send his report down to Pretoria, and once that happens they will call us and HOPEFULLY we will get Tendai's visa. We are happy with our decision to stay down here, but we do miss things back at the farm, we kinda feel like we are in no mans land.. waiting.  These first few pics are from the farm the day before we left at the orphan meeting- I sure will miss these kids!

soooo serious.. I had just told them we were leaving.. (not for good.. we will be back i told them!)

sunrise over the farm as we drove away

Here in Pretoria there are a wealth of things to do as a family, and the vast majority are really cheap! For instance- this play park costs us fifty cents to get into ( for all of us) and is one of the nicest Ive ever seen- Tendai could play here for HOURS!  On the weekends we have been driving around and finding fun things to do, during the week we've been busy with emails, doctor visits, embassy visits, planning sermons, presentations, promotional videos, finance paperwork- the list goes on and on!

Another fun weekend activity was the lion park where we got to PLAY with Baby LIONS! If you'd like to see more pics of this fun day click on this link to my facebook album. We had soooo much fun and I actually got to hold TWO lions on my lap!

and we fed the giraffes!

and we discovered this great open market place with just about every imported good you could think of in it. They also happen to have these snazzy deep fried "spiral potatoes" that aside from amusing me highly were very yummy!

Tendai loves to play "horsie" with daddy in the evenings! hee hee.

Two new friends, Colletta and Busi helped me do Tendai's hair- they also gave me some great tips for looking after her hair and styling it.

As I mentioned.. during the week we do get work accomplished down here.. in this pic im Previewing one of the promotional videos Rick made and answering emails at the same time! Now aren't I talented??!!

We are very grateful to have been offered this great place to stay while we are here waiting for Tendai's Visa- it has been a place of rest for us, and we are so thankful for that. We are also so grateful to all those who prayed regarding Tendai's medical tests, she has been cleared and as the doctor here said "shes clinically perfect!" (that was nice to hear!) Now we are just waiting for the paperwork that has been sent from our doctor here, to the doctor in Kenya to be sent back down to the embassy so that they can, Lord Willing, approve our application and we can get home! Waiting is hard, but we know God has His reasons, and each delay has been met with a blessing. Please continue to pray for us as we wait, and that the embassy visa officials will approve her application, and QUICKLY, once they have the needed paperwork. We will also be in need of flight on short notice most likely.. which could be interesting as well!
God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You know you are in South Africa when....

.....all the road signs are in English. ;)

God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai