Monday, May 19, 2008

Friends & Faith

This week we have had the opportunity to build a lot of freindships (which requires a lot of talking... in portuguese of course!) One evening we had friends from the mission over to our place for Dutch Blitz and pizza, and then another evening we went to some other friends house for ... dutch blitz and pizza! (Its a really really good thing we really really like the pizza around here!) We also had our Bible Study group again, as well as spending a day in Curitiba with Mariana (our teacher) and Celso making them pancakes and getting a suprise tour of the Jardim Botanical (Botanical Gardens), in the city! Of course, all this was in addition to our studies and helping at Mount Horeb.

Playing Dutch Blitz with Duda and Edinho at our place- we had a blast!

Dutch Blitz- again.. this time at Joao and Demaris's place.. Notice the handy Portuguese Dictionary - we hardly leave home without it! (Thanks Kenny and April- great idea!!)

Bible Study ( also held at Joao and Demaris's) It is a really neat mix of people, including some who are not saved, but are really being challenged about what they believe (or dont believe). It is exciting to see God working. Please pray for our group, especially as Rick and I have invited some new Christians to join the group.

At church this sunday, a newly dating couple went forward for prayer... and for some unknown reason Bebeto starts calling "Heather" (of course with his accent I didnt even hear my name) "Heather!!" (at this point.. rick pokes me) I look up, and Bebeto is asking me to come forward and pray for this couple. I was scared out of my mind... but... up I went, I said to Bebeto.." I cant pray in portuguese" He said- "OK!!! Deus entende ingles" (Its ok.. God understand english!) So... I started praying. I prayed for purity for the couple, and that they would seek Godly adivice, and develop their relationship with Christ... and so forth and so on..... Then Bebeto prayed with them as well.. I found out later that they both accepted Christ while we were praying and also that the young man understands some english although he cant speak it. I have to say.. although I was petrified, it was such a blessing to be used by God to help bring someone to Christ, even though there was a language barrier and I didnt even know God was using me!!! I guess that is an important lesson for me.. I may not always know when my prayers or my words are impacting someone else in a big way. Anyways.. all that to say.... I invited them to Bible study. I also discovered when talking to them afterwards that the girl ( who i knew i remembered from somewhere!!) was the girl who had done my manicure when Lynn and Ruth took me out the first saturday we were here! Wow!

And of course.. all the other daily activities we have make our lives interesting too! Here rick is buzzing his hair short again... he has got to look like his passport photo!!! Thanks for all your prayers and for supporting us in so many ways... God Bless

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