Tuesday, February 27, 2007


FAITH. As Heather and I look to the future and to where God has called us, we are learning so much about faith. There can be no faith with no risk. I sometimes feel that we live in a society that will so be void of faith because the church and Christians are taking so few risks. Everything in our lives has to fit together perfectly like a self created puzzle. Nobody can take a step in any direction until each piece is firmly in its place. The problem is that it takes no faith in God if we only move, when all the pieces are in place. Instead God calls us to move, and he promises to put the pieces in place as we go along the journey.
Faith can be illustrated in so many ways. A son jumping from a high place into his fathers arms, is a great example of faith. Although there is a risk, the boy does not calculate it before he jumps because he knows his father will catch him. Recently, in my life journey, God showed me a different view of faith and our relationship to Him. This view of faith involves God as the pilot, and us as His passengers. God calls us to go with him on a journey, and we hesitate. We inspect the plane, and then inspect again. We watch others who have taken the flight with him, with positive results, and finally we decided that it is time to fly, time to have faith in God. It is at this point that we enter into relationship with our savior. It is also at this point that many things go awry.
The first Christians bail, just as God calls them to actually join the journey, and they get off the plane before take off. They decide that they trust the pilot, but don't trust the turbulence and storms of life, and they don't trust the plane to help them through it. But there are many who do stay on board. They have inspected the plane, and have seen many planes before and they realize that there is little faith needed for this flight. So, they buckle in, and settle for take off. Then, after reaching cruising altitude the pilot comes to the back, and he is wearing a back-pack and all of a sudden, we are scared.
Then the pilot (God) reminds us that he invited us to join him on a journey, and not just a plane ride. He tells us he has big plans for us, and that we need to follow him. He says that getting on the plane was the first step, but the the second is getting out. The plane has been put on auto pilot and will only fly as long as there is fuel. Everybody is given a parachute as the pilot tells us to jump. "JUMP!! But you promised you would get us down safely." And the pilot reassures us that if we follow Him and jump, we will get down safely.
Then something strange happens. People stay in their seats. They begin to get worried, and unsure. They don't know if they are up for the risk, and the challenge. They begin to make excuses. "I will go after the movie," one says, while another stays on board for a frightened family member. They all want to stay on the doomed plane and do plane stuff. They feel secure in their seats, with their seat belts, and although they know the plane will eventually crash, it is flying nice now.
So, with a deep look of regret, the pilot, and the few faithful risk takers jump. They jump, and they enjoy the most exhilarating, adventure imaginable, and each and every one of them lands safely on the ground, changed forever. What about the people on the plane? They keep flying, for now, securely buckled into the doomed plane they trust so much. The pilot is not there, not that he doesn't care, but that they didn't follow. And they will continue to fly until the tank hits empty.
It is my desire to have the faith to jump. The faith to commit, despite the fear, despite the risks. I have no desire to live in a church, claiming faith with no adventure, and no journey. God has called us to Him, to go where He calls us to. I want to GO.
Our heart, is to follow God, and go where he calls. We feel that God has called us to Africa. To make a difference and to change lives.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Our first "REAL" post

Woohooo! I think I actually have this slightly figured out! ( minor miracle!) Anyways- this is a blog to let our friends and family and supporters keep up to date on how the two of us our doing. We have just recently given our resignation at the church where we have been youth pastoring for nearly 3 yrs. At the end of May we will be done, and moving back to our hometown to hopefully pay off our debt really quickly and then, Lord willing, be in Mozambique by sometime in 2008!
Our hearts have been so passionate for Africa and serving God's people there, it sometimes is so hard to wait for His timing- and then there are other times when it seems like His timing might be a bit faster than ours. Thru various ways our debt is being reduced so much faster than we ever thought possible. God is amazing and faithfull to His promises when we follow His guidance! Praise God for the many blessing we have recieved even just this past week- enabling us to double our monthly payment on our loan this month!
Another major issue in our lives right now is adoption. We are currently waiting to get on the adoption list here in Manitoba- but our window of time to adopt is looking smaller and smaller- at least for a domestic ( here in Canada) adoption. It is sometimes hard for us (particularly Heather) to trust and know that God will make a way for the child HE wants us to have, to be ready for us- and to trust Him for His timing, not ours.
In health news- Ricks shoulder has been acting up again- we could use a lot of prayer for that . Heather has just gotten over a minor bout of bronchitis and is feeling much better.
Well- I dont have much else to say in this, our first real post on this blog, maybe next time I'll explain the title of the blog to those who dont know yet! Hopefully I'll keep this updated pretty regularly ( hopefully i'll have news so its interesting updates too!) Love ya all!

p.s. the pic is of Heather with one of many orphaned babies we met on our trip to Kenya in 2005- this little one in particular captured Heather's heart - her three yr old brother had been "taking care" of her for several days by the time anyone noticed their mother was gone.

This had better work!

OK. At least I have gotten to the posting phase. This making a blog thing is apparently more complicated than it looks. I have such respect for those of you who are doing this out in the bush with uncertain satellite connections, cranky weather systems and battery run computers! PHEW! This is my first attempt at a post- ill add more later if this works! God bless!