Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Prayers of Little Ones

This past week Rick and I had an awesome experience. We had the opportunity to attend our home church due to a cancellation from another church, and as usual, we spent a few minutes talking to the children's church group about missions. Now our children's church is not like many- it is actually like church, only there is only kids there! After Rick talked, he encouraged them to keep praying for us, because their faith is special- even Jesus encourages us to have Faith like children! Before we left, the leaders invited the kids to come pray for us. We were so humbled and blessed to have over 40 children come forward, lay hands on us, and bow their heads in prayer. I was moved to the point of tears as I watched children as young as 3 years old reach out to touch my knee and pray for me. We know that God has heard those prayers, and will continue to. Each child was given a prayer card- these kids were so excited to pray for us, we know we will have a good prayer covering just from those children alone- let alone the many, many others who have committed to pray for us! This past month has been a busy one, but we have really seen God continuing to work in our lives. Our monthly support is almost at the half way point, and our start up fund is complete! Now we are working on our vehicle fund, as well as continuing to raise our monthly support, and pay off our personal debt. It has been amazing to see how our needs are being met in every way. We have begun to plan our "Sell-Abration", dinner and concert for late March, where we plan to sell our furniture, etc, and also to have a concert with African music and praise and worship, and of course a fabulous dinner. Our tentative departure date is April 20, we still need to buy the tickets, but we are confident that God can bring our support level up to the needed amount. We cant purchase tickets until we have just over 1/2 of our support, and don't want to leave until we have 3/4. Please pray with us that our support will be raised, and also for safety as we travel to so many churches. Our car is running on God's Grace alone, as the kilometres just rolled over 340,000! Thank you for your prayers and support. Hopefully the next update wont take so long!