Sunday, March 27, 2011

T - 21,600 Minutes... give or take a few.

It may not look like much.. but this is a grahamcracker-dreamwhip-licorice lace african hut in the making.... (and its very yummy too!)

I can hardly believe that in 21,600 ish minutes (1,296,000 seconds for those of you who prefer seconds) we will be on a plane headed back to Africa! It is going to be a crazy few weeks of goodbyes, visits, sorting and packing. We have "kinda" started already... but sadly, I am not nearly as organized as I was last time around- I think we are just going to have to set aside an afternoon and the both of us are going to have to just go nuts ... and GET IT DONE!

Anyhew, this last week we had the privilege of speaking at a a Childrens Group here in Grunthal. We had a ton of fun (and as you can see from the photos above and below) learned how to make african huts from some very yummy construction materials! 

We also spent three days visiting our friends in Killarney- it was so good to see them all again, and we will miss them so much! It is so awesome to have a place like that where we can go back and visit and fellowship and it feels like we never left! Killarney is yet another one of our many "homes"!
While there we had the opportunity to visit two different farms, and Tendai got to meet a lot of farm animals... 

Today we got fellowship with our home church for the very first time in the new building- it was awesome to see so many people there and even though I (heather) was used for half the illustrations in his sermon, I really enjoyed the message that Rick preached. (Ive heard the same one for the last six months, and this is only the second time Ive heard the one he preached today.. variety is good! LOL)
We also were able to meet with the group of young people and adults who will be coming to visit us in just over a years time! This group of kids has a LONG and HARD road of preparation and fundraising and serious spiritual growth ahead of them, but we know that for many of them (hopefully all) this trip to Mozambique will be a LIFE CHANGING one, not only for them, but for the people they encounter along the way! Im sure they would appreciate your prayers for safety and for the group as they prepare!

We also, appreciate your prayers as we begin to say our goodbyes. They are hard to do... and emotionally draining, so that is a big prayer request. Also continue to pray for our 500 PPD (pray-ers per day) challenge. We have pretty close to 400 people praying right now... so we need to find another 100 people in the next two weeks to meet our goal! As more and mroe people tell me they are praying I am so impressed by the amount of children who bring us before God each night. Just this week I was told of  two sisters, only 4 and 2, who pray for us and of course Tendai, their friend, every night. These are the prayers we just love to hear about!! (and yes... they count towards the 500!!!)
Well, Im off to go fourwheeling since the air is so nice and spring-y today and I might not get to go again for a few years! Have a great week!
God Bless,
Rick, Heather and Tendai!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Countdown... to Takeoff!!

Rick Preaching at DaySpring Fellowship in St. Anne MB.

Today it is 34 Days until we get on the plane to start the long long journey home to Mozambique!

Teaching a Shona Song to our Awana Group at Abundant Life Fellowship, Grunthal, MB

But that doesnt mean we are sitting at home counting the days! Quite the opposite really- now comes the flurry of last minute visits and crazyness, speaking at new places every week, and trying to figure out how and what we are all going to bring back with us!

Being prayed over by the children at AWANA.

games time with the kids... lots of fun was had!

 demonstrating how heavy the water bottles our kids back home have to carry are, this leader would fit right in back home!

working together helps!

Rick answers some questions.

another african style game.

With all the speaking and visiting, there is still alot of 'family' stuff that has to get done, like Tendai's first Dental visit- to the best Childrens Dentist ever! This place ROCKED! (i was so glad i brought my camera!)

Watching the TV above the chair

Dr. Biber works his magic

Tendai, Grandma and me (Mom) hosted a Baby Shower for Baby Colin, my sister Brenda's brand new bundle of joy... he is adorable and Tendai is quite fond of kissing him.

posing in her pretty new "hosting a party" dress.

giving aunty a break... since we wont get to see him again till hes nearly 3 years old, we are spending as much time as possible cuddling Baby Colin!!

Well, there you have it, Our week in a blur of Photos! Please continue to pray for us as we keep visiting, fellowshipping and sharing about our work. We cant wait to be back home, but we are dreading saying goodbye to family and friends again!
Another huge prayer request is that the funds will begin to come in for our big project for this year- The construction of our permanent home in Mozambique. Thank you again for all your prayers and support!
Rick, Heather & Tendai