Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Now We Wait

Whenever it comes to faith, the hardest thing to do is wait. Although we have finished several steps needed to apply to S.A.M Ministries, the process is not complete. In our hearts, we feel that God is calling us to minister with them, but now we need to wait. Today i sent away the "big" application. 15 pages dealing with faith, doctrine, and current issues. Now, we just need to wait. Wait in faith. We know God is calling us to Africa, so at least that makes the waiting a little easier to bear. There is no question about that. Anyways, we have been hearing a lot from Mozambique and would encourage you to take a look at our links. There are a lot of deaths this time of year in Mozambique, and our hearts long to be there, to help as we can. We are excited to have a meeting with the S.A.M. board coming up in May, and are hoping they will be able to take us on as missionaries at that time, although we are still not sure how the entire process works. As for now, we are preparing to move back to Grunthal to pay off debt. We are hoping to live in my parent's garage to save some cash. Yes, the garage, but remember, it is better to live a dream in poverty, then to forsake a dream for riches. Pray for us as we enter this next part of our journey.