Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thank You

We are so thankful to all those who have continued to remember us in your prayers and with financial support. We are very excited to have received our new truck. Here is a short video expressing our thanks for all of your support.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

IZZY's Replacement.. no name yet!!!!

Hey everyone.. here is a few pics of the NEW TRUCK! Praise the Lord!!!! Rick is down in south africa right now getting the canopy and bush bar installed so it is ready to go for life in the bush! He will be back here at the farm on Saturday afternoon.. me and Tendai cant wait to go for a spin in the truck! Thank you so much to everyone who gave and prayed with us as we fundraised for this vehicle! It will be a huge blessing to us to have a reliable vehicle, and Izzy is certainly looking forward to some "retirement" work here on the farm!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

VBS is over... phew!!!!!

VBS 2009 is over! We had a great time and had a LOT more kids attend this year consistently! Last year the second week had almost a 50% drop in attendance and this year we had almost no drop at all! It was awesome to see the kids having a great time and enjoying being children for a few weeks!
One of the school kids, Tutu, recieves a present from his sponsor family back in Canada- including a Olympic games t-shirt. I tried to explain what that was, but it seemed like a pretty foreign concept. Mozambique pretty much only has one athlete that has accomplished much on the world stage, a female runner, whose name I cannot remember at the moment. So the winter olympics are totally unheard of. Rick... Im not sure who has more fun on water fight days, Rick, or the kids???!!! Keren takes a few moments to listen to the chest of a little girl with a nasty cough! Glenn, making friends with little Isabel. Glenn left for home today, we sure appreciated him while he was here. The amount of work he did with out sponsorship database and data entry, was soooo apreciated. Not to mention all the help with VBS and VBS prep! Luckmore, one of the kids in our orphan sponsorship program, enjoyed decorating his fabric headband with the "God strong" message! Eunice, modeling her new Fanta earrings. We let the kids design their own once the ones for the fundraiser were done... some of the ones they came up with were gorgeous! Tendai and her buddy Melody, Eunice's daughter. They are almost the same size, but Tendai is six months older! Just chilling in my absolutly huge shepherds hat! (Domingo, our shepherd, makes these hats.. they are awesome! They shade your whole head and shoulders!) Tendai and I went to a Mommy and Kids meeting, with mothers and kids from the chimoio area. It was a lot of fun, and I met a ton of other mothers. These two little boys were literally fighting over who got to hold Tendai first. Once they each had a chance, I took her away to get ready to go and they burst into tears... aparently they were really keen on keeping that "baby doll" for a bit longer!
We are still waiting for the truck.. aparently the driver was on holidays or something so the truck has been in Maputo for a week now waiting for someone to bring it up to us! According to the latest report we should be able to pick it up on Thursday. Rick will be going to pick it up and then hopefully heading STRAIGHT down to south africa to get the Canopy and Bush Bar etc, installed, and get a bit of Christmas and Birthday shopping done for miss Tendai. I can hardly believe she is turning one in just over two weeks! Her birthday is December 1st, and I am going to have to organise a party of some sort to celebrate the event! We are still waiting on The social action workers to complete their review of our paperwork to see what will happen next. Please continue to pray with us that things will start to move a lot quicker!
As VBS ended we have a few days to regroup before Rick starts prepping for the classes he will be teaching at the Intensive seminars in early December. 
Thank you so much for your support and prayers. Blessings, Rick, Heather & Tendai

Saturday, November 7, 2009

VBS 2009

Tendai has been enjoying VBS... ALOT!
Dancing with Daddy!
Her favourite part is the Puppets.... she absolutly loves them. giggles and gasps, and squeals and jumps...
Glenn and Keren doing their thing... they are totally rocking the puppets!
One of the girls making coke bottle cap earrings that will be sent back to Canada to use for a fundraiser for the school.
The cookie game... always a favorite.
We have invited all the kids in our orphan program to come to the school VBS this year.. this is Tito... having a BLAST. ( he is very serious about this game!)
I love this hat and bean bag game... its hilarious to watch.
Little Isabel, you may remember her from last year... still stealing my heart!
Keren teaching some health classes to the kids... she did all the illustrations herself!
Glenn, hanging out with the kids.. and making some friends.
Little "david" in Kerens helmet and Ricks Camo Pants (aka.. the kings armor)
Making beaded neckaces... I would say more about VBS... but really- I think the smiles of all these kids really say it all!
IN other news... the new truck should be arriving this week. PTL! Also, we have given all the paperwork to the social workers here and are hoping to get the proccess going! Please keep praying as we continue with VBS, and so many other ministries here! 
Blessings! Rick, Heather & Tendai!