Monday, May 19, 2008

The Gardens

Okay.. this is my third blog today.. Im almost blogged out! But i wanted to show you the pictures from our trip to Curitiba on Sunday. We went in to make a pancake and bacon & egg breakfast for Mariana and Celso, and afterwards, they decided to drive us to the nearby Jardim Botanical or Botanical Gardens. Curitiba is "world famous" for its many green spaces and beautiful parks, and the botanical gardens were definetly gorgeous. Although Rick hates posing for pics, I managed to get a few of us together.. including this one in front of a small waterfall in the park.
Poor mariana and celso got cornered by a survey lady and said yes to participating in a "short" survey... so while our tour guides completed a 7 page survey Rick and I wandered around and took some pictures.
This totally looks like a post card picture.. but i took it myself... really!!!!
This is one of the bus stops in Curitiba.. i love them.. they look so space age! Not all the stops are like these, but a good portion are. Anyways.. dont forget to check out the next couple of posts.. they are new too! As allways.. God Bless!

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Jennell said...

I love all the pictures! Its great to see a little piece of your life out in Brazil seeing as I can't be there to share it with you. Things are getting closer for me with Korea so its only a matter of time before I'll be able to come visit you...I can't wait! Love ya both!