Monday, February 25, 2013

Paint and Prayers

As promised, a few pictures of the painting! These two are from the very first day. We should be pretty much done the entire house with the first coat of primer by the end of this week.
Tendai is allways anxious to help. :)
she also loves to eat lunch with the guys- who love to share their sudza and fish with her as much as she loves to eat it! Lucky for me, cus i dont make sudza and fish, so Im glad she can eat it there!


umm. mmm. yeah. ill stick to mashed potatoes and gravy thanks. :)

This is just a teezer post though- ill take some more painting pics of some of the colors and tinted primers going on in the coming week. Right now everything looks really ... white. :) Rick and the carpenters have also been busy working installing doors and the window frames for the glass panes in the windows. All of the exterior doors are in, and we can now lock and secure the house, which is a big plus! (since if we really wanted to we could move a few things into there now to make room to sort thru the stuff in our current cottage)

Tomorow im heading into town with Elizabeth, one of the shortterm visitors we have had here for the last two months. They leave on Thursday, but first we are going to the used clothing market to pick out school clothes for the Amigo Orphans. The used clothing market is a MAZE of informal shops with no real organization, but plenty of good quality second hand clothes at ridiculously cheap prices! And on thursday we will do orphan food delivery.

Keep your eyes open for more updates! Now that I have figured out Blogsy as a blogging platform just a little bit, I can update more often! :)

On another note, please continue to pray with us that our ministry needs and house project needs will be met. We appreciate all of you who support us and pray for us - we cannot survive here without you. We need prayers for not only our finances however, prayers for our physical, emotional, spiritual health and safety is just as important, more so in fact! Recently missionaries who live in a "boom city" about 3 hours north of us, were attacked and robbed in their home at night. It was a horrible attack, and although the physical wounds will heal quickly, the emotional ones will take much longer. They have been examples of grace and compassion thru it all, but I am sure they would still appreciate your prayers as they continue to heal as well. As missionaries, we COVET the prayers of those faithful back home who have been called to cover us in prayer!

God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai

Sunday, February 3, 2013

And in other news....

flood plain by Xai Xai

The southern regions of Mozambique, as well as areas along the Zambezi river in the northern central region have been hard hit by flooding in the past few weeks. Xai Xai district in the south was especially hard hit last week, and some estimates say over 100,000 people were displaced. Mercy Air (who we partner with) was involved in rescuing stranded villagers as well as helping direct other rescuers to those in dire need as well. We passed thru one of the flooded areas just days after the water receded leaving holes in major highways and destroying homes and crops. Here are just a few pictures of the flood plain and highway.

Line up to cross the damaged causeway

On the way home, I snapped a few not so good pics of these signs:

They are LANDMINE warning signs, and indicate that an area has not yet been completely cleared of these horrible deadly leftovers from a war that ended nearly 20 years ago. Most of Mozambique has been cleared, but sadly there are areas where they still remain, and even some that were missed in initial clearings. Where these signs were, there was tape marking safe walkways thru out the village and large de-mining trucks and equipment. The signs lined both sides of the highway for at least a kilometre or two.

Since arriving back at the farm we have been busy- Rick installed some lights in the house, more walls were sanded down in preparation for painting, one of the last floors was finally poured (just one small bathroom left to go!), several doors were installed and we are gearing up for another big week. Here are a few photos of the house progress.

doors going into our house
Maganesu sanding the walls.

When we were down in South Africa we took a day to hang out with some friends of ours. One of them, Flat Stanley, you have already met, but Flat Zach was waiting for us in the mail when we got down there, so we showed them around a bit. Stanley is from Isreal, Zach is from Manitoba, Canada. They had a blast and learnt a lot of things about African Animals and dancing, drumming etc. We were glad to have the time with them, but sadly they will be leaving us soon to go back to their homes!

at kruger park Stanley and Zach saw lots of animals- elephants, cape buffallo (which are pictured here, but we also saw giraffe, baboons, kudu, impala, zebra)
Mopani worms, a good source of nutrition, but neither of them wanted any. I dont blame them. Im not very fond of them either.
we visited a cultural village and a dinner show where we got to see some traditional dancing and drumming and eat traditional food, on the weekend when we were in SA. these pics are from there.
Tendai ate one.. or rather, tried one til daddy told her it was a worm and she spit it out.
the cheif of the cultural village with Tendai and friends
One of the cheifs daughters washing Tendai's hands in preperation for dinner.

two of the performers, (drummers and dancers) pose with Stanley and Zach. We had a lot of fun and got some very strange looks taking all these photos! Thats all ive got for now!

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us as we travelled over the past weeks. We dropped Ricks passport off in Maputo to be renewed, so please pray it will come back quickly- we kinda need those sorts of things! Please also join with us in praying that we will be able to focus on the house for the next few months, and have the funding we need in place to purchase some pretty important items.

Some of the items we still have to purchase or build are:

toilets (very important!)


a bathtub

glass panes for all the windows, as well as screen material

stove and fridge

the kitchen cabinets (though this has been funded! PTL! Rick will be building all the boxes himself and we will be purchasing the doors seperately. The countertop will be made by a mission an hour from us, who train young Mozambicans in carpentry, metalworking and mechanics- so glad our purchase can go to help another mission out!!)

some of the paints for inside, and all the paint for outside!


and so much more!

Again, thanks for the prayers and support, we truly appreciate it and we cant wait to be in this house and able to focus wholeheartedly on our ministry. Rick has several seminars planned for up north in May and June, and our goal is to be in the house, settled and ready for a busy time of ministry up there! Some of the communities are requesting we come back for the second and third time to train more people how to reach out to and minister to children. We love doing these seminars and hope to do several more this year than we did last. We are also looking forward to more involvement in the orphan programs, both the ones the pastors are running in their own communities, as well as the Amigo Orphans I am involved with here in Mucombedze.

God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai Neufeld

Flat Tendai has been very very very busy.

This past week I recieved 105 Flat Tendai photos. Im going to try and upload at least one from every families hosting week, but if you dont see yours I am sorry! I havent been given the story behind each one, though most are fairly self explanatory.... i think. :)

To start off I'll show you a few photos of REAL Tendai photos- shes been doing great!


Hey Everybody!!!!!

Now here are some wonderful photos of Flat Tendai going on some adventures and hanging out with her friends back home. Our church has really done an awesome job of running with this project and we actually have several other churches interested in having their own flat Tendai's too! Here in Mozambique I think we have really noticed the prayer coverage we have had! It has been amazing to know that all of the Children's Church Families have been praying for us! Looking forward to the next batch of photos we will get!

Visiting Childrens Church

Playing Dress-Up

at childrens church group time
Making cookies!!!!
Helping led worship with the youth team
this one im not too sure about. maybe this is a doctors visit? is that a spine poster I see on the wall? wherever they are they look happy!
everybody say CHEESE!
These folks put me in a AWESOME hat.
dressing up for halloween
hmmm. maybe they were both badly behaved?
this is pretty much what it looks like at this house when real tendai is there, so it does not suprise me it looks like this when flat tendai is there as well.
visiting more school classes!
( i think next time we are home real Tendai is going to have to visit a few classes)
ummm learning to hover?
and just chill on Manitoban mountains.
more group shots.
painting.... oooh purple. this girl knows how to pick awesome colors!
playground play at the school
riding the school bus. ( I can just imagine what my bus driver would have said if I tried to haul that on our bus as a kid.. Grunthal Bus Drivers must be exceedingly patient)
I think I posted a few of these before, but just for good measure... another group pic!
horse riding
just goofing around!
reading stories together
country music star!
must have been a long drive!
apparently the Nickel's like their cowboy hats!
with Grandpa, Harmony and Richelle
Harmony hanging out with Flat Tendai.
Grandma getting a few hugs in too!
With her Uncle... this photo got her pretty excited (real Tendai that is)
Going to Cubbies!
Ice Skating... and playing goal.
this seems like a dangerous hobby for a plastic and plywood kid.
and to finish off... posing with a very yummy looking Gingerbread house!
So there you have it, a severely paired down look at Flat Tendai's adventures- Hope you enjoyed them!
Blessings, Heather, Rick and Tendai