Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting Stuff done.

The past few weeks have been full of just getting stuff done! The training center work is continueing, the guard house at the main gate is almost done, the escholinha is nearly completed and the lot is just being cleared so Mercy Air can begin construction on a house for a pilot couple to eventually stay in.
We have also seen the arrival of cholera in our area, already several have died, including one lady the mission has worked with for many years. It is heartbreaking to see, and we ask for you prayers as we continue to work here. Just this week, our woodshop had to put aside making the doors and window frames for the escolinha to take time to build a coffin - for the four month old child of one of our temporary staff. Please continue to pray for us and the people we work with.
The next few days will be busy ones, with orphan food delivery, "Workers Day" festivities, hosting an emergency team from Polokwane, South Africa who are coming to fix the community water pump... and so much more. Rick and I are also gearing up for a very busy month, prepping for our first Childrens Ministry Training Center in Mutarara, and the arrival of a group of nurses from Alberta, Canada.
Here is a few pictures from the last week.
Tito shows Barb (from Mercy Air) how he planted two small trees and made a fence to protect them.
The sun was pretty bright- hence the really interesting look on Vira's face.
Marosa and her kids have taken EXCELLENT care of the Guniea Fowl they recieved from the Unique Christmas Gift campaign- now they have SIXTEEN babies to show for it!!!
I finally got my kitchen counter installed! Woohooo.
Rick showing Lovemore what to do- Lovemore did a great job of grouting the tiles.
When Ron and Barb came up this week they brought ALOT of mail for us with them. It was Christmas in April! Including this package from Rick's mom- I love the fact that its practically gift wrapped in stamps. LOL
Christmas Morning. (or rather late afternoon on April 27th)
Rick giving magnum a bath. He did not enjoy it. And promptly went and found a bowl of whipped cream to decorate his nose and eyelashes with.
and the icky pic for the week.. ive found three of these scorpions... and two huge spiders... big round furry legged ones. and rick found one in his shorts. while he was wearing them. EEEK.
Thanks everyone for all the prayers, please continue to pray for safety, and that we will be able to raise the funds needed for our vehicle. We now only have three usable doors as the rear passenger door has shifted in relation to the frame and cant be opened or closed. Oh the joys!!! LOL
God Bless,
Rick and Heather

Friday, April 17, 2009

Firm Foundations

The major news at the farm this week, is that the foundations are beginning to be poured for our Training Center! Very exciting to see the first steps being taken! Here are some shots of the guys getting things ready! The center will be used for training many pastors, and leaders thru our Faith Bible Seminary, and in many other ways in our community! And although we only have foundations so far- its a good reminder of how training these pastors,- to train more pastors,- to lead their churches, is providing firm spiritual foundations for generations to come!
One foundation trench!! Our truck- delivering the water tank yet again- Rick does this up to five times a day recently!
The guys use buckets to transfer water from the trailer tank to the big one. Bricks and more Bricks! Over twenty thousand of em!!
The "finished" product- one foundation wall! The wonderful amazing spectacular time saving (???) cement machine.
In other news, we had the guys take a GIANT wasps/bee nest out of a tree near the area where eventually we will be building our home. It was a massive nest, and every time our worker went to water the trees and what not, he came back saying "I just cant work there Senhora- I will die from those bees!" (He has a very big fear of bees). So, the bees had to go- of course I wasnt to sad to see them go either! Its too bad the guys emptied several cans of Raid, Doom and some Gasoline on the nest before they finally starting smoking them out- otherwise we maybe could have enjoyed trying a taste of wild honey- who knows?? :)
Raymundu, Pearson and Faria tackle the nest- with a ladder, an axe and smoke.
This is all from one hive on one tree!!!
In closing.. heres Mushu and Magnum- hard to believe a few weeks ago MUSHU was the BIG one!!!
Thanks for all your prayers! God Bless,
Rick and Heather

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Orphans and Widows

One of our key ministries here involves working with needy orphans and widows as well as empowering others to care for those in need in their communities.  Here is a video we made that helps to explain this part of our ministry here. Enjoy.   

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Amigo Orphan Food Delivery

This little guy let me get one picture before he started screaming- i guess he didnt like my really pale skin!!
Yesterday was Amigo Orphan Program food delivery day. This time four members of the group from Plokwane (South Africa) came with to help hand out food, pray for the families and see how the program works. We had a great day, and enjoyed some good time of fellowship on the road- although im not sure Jorge would agree! With a full truck he volunteered to sit in the back under the truck canopy with all the supplies! Anyway, I got some great pictures, so Ill let them do most of the talking.
Filipe was in such a cuddly mood!
Pastor Johan prays for Paulo and his family.
Peter has that look on his face because I had just told them that Zinha normally carries that bag of maize on her head- by herself!
The chicken houses Marosa and her kids made out of leftover bricks from their new home! They are so industrious!
They also made a beautiful little flower garden with a border- they really are very proud of their simple home!
This lady was pounding the maize so hard that from where I was standing I could feel it thru the ground- small pebbles were BOUNCING!
Zelda (sp?) gave it a try but she didnt get quite the same effect.

This picture explains what we do here- offer a helping hand to those in need. Thanks for your prayers as we continue with out work. And dont forget to check out the post under this one- our entirely entertaining talking truck video awaits you!!! :) And for those who want an update on Magnum- here he is... in both of his two modes.. "attack" and "rest".

God Bless, Heather & Rick