Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Prepping and Packing

As the title suggests, we have been doing a lot of prepping and packing recently- Prepping for both our trip north to lead a Childrens Ministry Training Seminar and also for the arrival a team of nurses from Canada in one weeks time.
Both of these have also involved Packing- packing up the Bakkie , the cooler , tent etc, and also unpacking items for the nursing team- tents, dishes, bedding.
All this prepping and packing hasnt really made for good pictures.. i mean.. really how thrilling is it to pack the cooler??? But i have taken a few good ones on our walks- the cooler weather makes walking in the evenings so much more enjoyable. We will be really busy in the next few weeks, so it is nice to take some time to enjoy the beauty the farm has to offer. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.Beautiful sunset (heading down the driveway)
The fence line along the front of the farm- nicely cleared of any and all grass. This makes it easier for the guards to patrol the fence line.. and lessens the chance of fire jumping it in the dry season that is coming.

Waterfalls at the edge of our property.

Pond that the waterfalls flow into- one of the prettiest spots around!

Domingo, our shepherd with one of the MANY baby sheep that were born last week. He promised if I came at five when they go back into their pen for night he would catch me a few to cuddle. They are quite cute at this stage... once they get bigger they are just dirty smelly and really really loud.

awww. hes just soooo cute. This one was three days old.

OK- this one isnt technically on the farm, this is Domingo's brand spankin new Grandbaby. Here he is only three days old! He lives just across the river though.. so we will claim him as a beautiful things on the farm!

Tomorow (Wednesday) Rick and I head up north to teach our very first Childrens Ministry Training Seminar. Please pray for us as we travel on very poor roads for two days! Please pray for health for us (and our vehicle!) safety on the roads, and that the seminar would be a time of fellowship and learning for all involved. I look forward to posting some great pics from the trip next week! Blessings, Rick & Heather

Saturday, May 9, 2009

This week in Mozambique

This week we were suprised when Lovemore came up to us and asked for ten minutes off so he could go to the River. I asked why?, and was informed that his church was doing baptism's down there and he wanted to go and get baptised. Well... how do you say no to that request?? Of course we gave him as much time as he needed, and went down ourselves to take pictures of the event. It was an interesting baptism to watch- the pastor literally dunked the people repeatedly until they could barely breathe! Nothing like the baptisms at our church at home! Of course, even with the strange method, it was beautiful to see people beng baptised in the small pool at the bottom of a waterfall in "Mucombeze River". This is the river that borders our propery.
Lovemore wades into the water to be baptised.

May 1st, was "Worker's Day" in Mozambique. We celebrated with our staff by enjoying a day of fellowship, games, food and a whole lot of fun! Mucombeze Interior Primary School teachers enjoying the festivities. One of the games was a dart throwing games where participants could win a variety of prizes, including small Canadian Flags. Apparently these were a very hot commodity! The guys had a great meal of Rice, Goat and Chicken stew and coca-cola! They also had cookies and sweets.

Marco tries out one of the other games, giant water balloon slingshots!

This week I also stopped by Jorge's home to see his wife and kids- especially baby Keven, the baby I had the priviledge of naming! (After my Dad Kevin, and Ricks brother Kevin- but here you have to spell it Keven or else they say... KEVEEEN) Baby Keven is such a cutie.. i could have cuddled him for a long time, but alas I had to get back to work. To end off this weeks pictures, I decided not to post any yicky icky pics, instead here is a photo of a Maracuja flower (Passionfruit) that I took at Jorge's. I have never seen one of the flowers before, and I must say, they are incredibly beautiful! God certainly has an AMAZING imagination!

Thanks again for all the prayers, we are already getting donations for our vehicle fund, which are greatly appreciated! We appreciate you prayers! Blessings! Rick and Heather