Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stuffed in a Suitcase

Hey guys, this is Rick. Not the usual witty comedy of my lovely wife. Today i want to talk about something serious. Something truly CANADIAN. That something is Hockey. But before we speak about hockey, I want to thank everybody out there who has been there to encourage and support us as we made this journey. So many of you said you would love to come, if only we could stuff you in a suitcase. Well for one lucky friend, we did it. He is a friend I was introduced to by my friend Caleb "CRAZY LEGS" Reimer. I call him Hocky Dude. He has been a part of this journey all along, reminding us of our friends back home, the prayers that you give us, and of course, HOCKEY. And one day, this friend will be a trained missionary also, as we allow hiim to give hope and happiness to some child in Africa. But for now, he is just hanging out with us. Thanks Caleb, for being a great friend, (and I am no longer talking about Hockey Dude). Here me (playing Paul Kariya) and Hockey Dude, are making our own Stanley Cup history, as we don't have a tv, or hockey here in Brazil. I am up by three points, and Hockey Dude is noticably frusterated.

It is not all fun and games out here though as Hockey Dude does his best to help with the laundry. The best he can manage is to check if the socks are dry. Thanks Dude. Here is Hockey Dude, taking pics for all you guys back home. Most of them didn't turn out. Sorry. Here is hockey dude taking a pic of me. He has to use his new truck because he can't reach the button otherwise. And finally this is his pic of me taking a pic of him. Sorry for the black strip on the bottom. That is the truck box. It is the best he can do with his size. Please don't post comments on his size though, he is quite sensitive about that.

Anyways, thanks a bunch and hope you enjoyed this very serious post. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are keeping yourselves amused! LOL And it is good to know you are adjusting to life in Brazil - even the pizza. Sounds like the pizza in Brazil is better than the pizza in China. We ordered some once when in China and one of the folks just HAD to have Hawaaian pizza. They had no pineapple, so they substituted bananas. ("Hawaian pizza" is called "Canadian pizza" in Hawaii, by the way.) OK - that's the end of the trivia lesson for today. Aunt Wanda, who is madly sewing Roman shades for the media room.