Monday, May 19, 2008

Helping Out & Having Fun

One of Ricks "responsibilities" when we are around on Saturdays is to help with the Soccer Outreach school- he helps with running drills, practising with the goaleiros (spelling??), and of course allowing the kids to practice scoring on him! It is neat to see how many kids recognize hime around town, and especially at the soccer feild when we go later in the evenings for Rick to play with the church team. This past saturday the kids were trying to teach him how to get some fancy footwork going.. he managed a few cool passes. Soccer is huge here... even in the toddler room where I help out at the mission they are teaching the little 2 year olds who can barely run how to pass and shoot! ( kinda like hockey at home!)
Here the kids are practising and in the photo below, Abel (the computer guy at the mission & the soccer school instructor) is giving directions to a group of young soccer stars.

On saturday night, Rick got to play in the goal.. or should I say ... was forced to play in Goal! He made them promise he only had to stay in till the other team scored once. Although he let in a few goals.. he did quite well considering their team won by a bunch and the other goal keepers they had let in just as many if not more!!

Cirlene ( the head cook at MH), Josie ( also a cook and teacher at MH) and Josies daughter Stephanie, and I had the best seats in the house to watch the church team soccer game. Josies family owns the soccer field and their house is directly across the parking lot. When Rick plays I go over there for some fellowship with the ladies!Here Rick is helping build a pig pen at the missions farm!

Ok... so this is that last little part of my blog.. and in SAMM Mozambiques missionary tradition... ( writing about all the gross scary stuff at the end of a nice happy blog) I will take some time to tell you about the "fun" I had at the beginning of last week. So far in our time here, I had not encountered anything particularly gross or disgusting.. but on Mon, tues and wed of last week I got my fill!! On monday on the way home from the city, the lady sitting behind me... threw up.. that was not so nice.. and made the long rather hot and stuffy ride home very smelly and much longer feeling than normal. (at least she didnt throw up on anyone!) Then on Tuesday Claudinho came over to our place because Saphira ( Bebeto and Suely's quite lovable "guard" dog- she can bark like nobodys business!) had gotten bitten by this fly that lays its eggs in the wound.. and so now she had these big larvae things crawling around in a wound.. yuck. Claudinho had to SQUISH them out.. they were about an inch and a half long and a bit thicker than a pen. YUCK- i cant even elaborate more on the yuckiness of that. And then on wednesday on our walk up town I saw THREE dead rats. Which i suppose is better than live ones, however where there are dead ones im sure there are live ones!!!! So far.. none at our home. PHEW! And then Rick came home from the farm with this lovely picture of a spider the size of his hand! AHHHHHHH (im rethinking my plans to walk up to the farm!) Anyways.. at least these kinds of days are in the minority! God Bless!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rick,

Bet you never thought you would use your years of "pig" experience in a mission project. A little smaller pen than you are used to - we could catch the pigs in there :)