Thursday, March 4, 2010

NEW Visitors from the Great White North

Our new volunteers hard at work on the roof of the new wood shelter.
We are absolutely thrilled to have Chris and Corissa Mohan with us here in Mozambique for a month! They were actually going to be our FIRST visitors since leaving home but then Rick's parents suprised us so they ended up being our second visitors- still VERY COOL though! :)
Corissa was actually in our youth group way back when we were youth pastoring and it is awesome to now be able to work side by side with her!
Watching the orphan food be portioned out.
Tendai has taken to them both very quickly- even fell asleep in Chris's lap! (she hasnt even done that with ME yet!!!!)
Corissa and the two week old baby of a young former widow who had been in our program- she is now remarried.
Mae Zinia with Corissa and Felizado! (Felizado means Happiness)
Tendai... oh how cute she is! Sportin her new headband and hairproducts we ordered online for her. (if you'd like to know from where give me a shout)
and finally.. much to corissa's disgust- a snake. I think they had been here for two days when they found this guy outside HER washroom. Poor Corissa- I think God is trying to get her over her fear of snakes! LOL
We met with the head judge this week and were told he doesnt have any issue with our request for travel documents, but he is not the judge we need to speak with...... sigh. It seems like every time we get passed to someone else! The good news is that he didnt deny our request and he did point us in the right direction (we hope). Our lawyer is making an appointment with the other judge for next week and we pray we will be able to get the documents. Please pray as things here are very wishy washy and we are struggling to make sure we do the right things at the right times! Your prayers make a huge difference, and right now we need em! Without travel documents for Tendai and her adoption going thru we will not be able to go on furlough as planned.
Thanks for all the prayers and support! Blessings,
Rick, Heather & Tendai

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