Saturday, February 27, 2010

Driving, Driving, Flying, Driving, .....

We made yet another quick trip down to south africa this past week- for two reasons- 1) to enjoy several days of holiday with Ricks parents in Kruger Park, see them off at the airport, and then 2) be with Bero before, during and after his surgery to release the skin contractions on his arm. Below are some pictures from our adventures. Above is the adventure it took just to get there. I believe Rick's parents now finally KNOW what a mozambiquan "highway" is like.
This is the toll bridge at Xai Xai (shai shai), wonder how much the cows have to pay to cross????!!!
Bero skipped the crazy roads and was able to fly down with the Mercy Air team returning to south africa after a week at our farm in Mozambique.
Bero and Paul Middleton, Mercy Air Pilot.
In additoin to spending several days in Kruger with Ricks parents, we took Bero for a morning. He (although living in the african bush his entire life) has NEVER seen Elephants, Lions, Girafes, Zebras.... etc etc. Needless to say he was so excited.
Bero's trademark smile.
Some animal pics from the two Kruger trips. Fighting Antelopes.
Lions... Bero saw so many lions- it was amazing!
bad pic... but of course it is a lion directly outside my window (thats the grey in the bottom of the pic).... soooo forgive me if i didnt stick my head out for a better angle!
African Sunset
African sunrise... thru a spiderweb, with the spider!
i love Zebras!!
Bero and the zebras.
yet another lion!
this guy was a little male, but he was so close it was amazing. we had seen bigger, much bigger ones earlier with Ricks parents, but nothing even close to being this near to us.
Bero the morning of his surgery. The surgery released that wholeband of skin that is restricting both his arm and his hand, as well as amputating one finger that was not useable and was hampering the rest of the fingers.
Bero with the surgeon before the surgery.
Bero after surgery with his nurses. Although the surgery did not make it possible for him to completly extend his arm it has allowed him much much greater range of motion, as well as hopefully making his arm more "normal" looking cosmetically. We praise God that he came thru the surgery completly fine and is happy with the results!
Tomorow, Rick and I head to Beira to pick up Corissa and Chris, two short term visitors who will be volunteering for a month here. Corissa was in our youth group years ago when we were pastoring, and we look forward to seeing her again, as well as meeting the man who stole her heart!
Please keep praying for Tendais paperwork- we really need the judge to be on board with us, and need prayers for us and him!

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