Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Its been really busy here at the farm over the last little while.. since september we have had.. 21 different short termers (including current ones- i think thats the right number!)... which means there are allways lots of people ready to get projects accomplished! Recently we have been blessed to have a volunteer who is a mechanic who revived Izzy (now renamed Lazurus - ill still call her Izzy though!), worked on the mission truck, the van, Keren's bike, and numerous other machines as well.
The computers have been blessed to have several different computer geniuses working on them, creating databases, entering data, and in general saving us all a ton of headaches and hours of work.
Even our stash of donated clothing has been washed, sorted, and is ready to be given out!
Short-term visitors have also put the roof on the Mercy Air garage, the Chitundo Clinic, painted orphan homes, helped to build a wood storage shelter... the list goes on and on!
We are so thankful for the many volunteers who come and give of their time to help us here. So many jobs get accomplished that otherwise would not, or would be pushed aside for months!
Even with all the extra hands around here we have still been very busy ourselves! Between hosting the "extra hands," trips to town with sick kids, trips to town to meet with lawyers and judges, orphan food delivery, keeping our house in some semblance of order, and finance paperwork we have kept ourselves busy (just to name a few). It is only going to get busier with Dwight and Lynn preparing to return home to Canada for a very short three month furlough to see their Kids graduate from University, and more short term volunteers on their way! Heres some pics from the last few days of "busy."
Corissa takes on the orphan boys, with Esther- i cant remember who won but Im sure it was the girls.
Rick gives a devotional to the orphan kids.
Chris and Corissa on Sunday morning, outside Pastor Adriano's church at the base of Mount Chitundo
I love how the drum is almost as big as she is!
Corissa prays for a sick child at the end of the service.
The church presented us with a bunch of bananas as a love offering, again, it is incredibly humbling to be given so much from those who have very little!
Corissa gets to work painting the orphan home in Chitundo- with plenty of quality control specialists watching!
More painting.
And finally... little miss Tendai discovered TP this weekend... it was to cute to NOT take pictures of... and really- its jut a roll of TP right???!!! :)
Thanks again for your continued prayers, we are still waiting to get an appointment to meet with the judge - please pray that we can get an appointment, that the judges heart will be open to our request, and that we will be examples of Jesus to him as well.
Blessings! Rick, Heather & Tendai

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