Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hard working folks... and a stinky rat.

Chris and Corissa were able to complete the first coat of paint on our Chitundo Orphan house, hopefully they will be able to do a second coat yet. It was a hot day to do the painting, but they accomplished a lot and we are really grateful.
When we showed up the next day to take pictures of the first coat, we discovered all four of the orphans who live in the home hard at work loading bricks and stacking them so they can eventually rebuild their kitchen. I was impressed... four kids without any real supervision hard at work during their freetime hauling heavy bricks! Way to go Gabriel, Mibia, Francisco and Farai!
Thankfully the brick "factory" is only located about 30 metres from the entrance to our property in Chitundo.
Francisco hauls a heavy load of bricks on handmade "sleds"- can you imagine what they would do if exposed to a big hill, a ton of snow and a "crazy carpet"!!!???
This morning we had our first care meeting with the school kids in Pina. These are students from our bush school who have graduated out of our school (grade 5) and want to continue with their schooling. We rent houses for them to stay in and provide a food allotment, but in the past we have found they tend to get into trouble when suddenly introduced to "town" (ie... not the BUSH). So this year we are trying to meet with all the kids at least bi-weekly, to encourage them, keep track of how they are doing, and have some devotional teaching times as well. Of course, we play games, do crafts and just hang out as well. In the picture above only the 8 girls seated in front of Corissa are actually the ones we came to see... the rest are just community people who were curious about what we were doing!
One of the local ladies let us try our hand at maize pounding. Even Chris... which all the ladies found HIGHLY amusing. Its really hard work... that is for sure. Those sticks are HEAVY. Later on, one of the ladies started doing this with a BABY on her back yet too! I tried for about a minute.. but man is it hard!
This little one just would not smile for me... but man... she is so beautiful.
Corissa and Chris also accomplished some hard spiritual work again, by praying for students and neighborhood kids who are suffering from a variety of ailments, including malaria, toothaches and stomach issues.
I just really like this picture. Thought you (whoever all YOU are) might too.
Sooooo. Starting last night we had been smelling something... a not so pleasant something... and even after Lovemore had really closely looked (or so he said) nothing was found. Finally Rick went on a hunt... and discovered... this rat. a big one. a dead one. a very very very smelly one. he was behind the chest freezer and by the smell of things had been there a few days.. soooo gross. I almost puked. (but i didnt) thank goodness.
Rick and the offending varmint- eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww.
Just had to include those last two since everybody loves my gross pics. Im sure of it. Course... since i hardly ever get any comments I wouldnt know for sure.. (yes that was a shameless guilt trip to beg for comments.) I am sure people read my blog, but i sure would like to get a few comments from folks who actually read (instead of spam ones) just so I know its getting read!
ok.. end of shameless guilt trip and whining!
As for our paperwork for Tendai.. we still have no news- please keep praying as our furlough depends on us getting these documents. We hope to meet with the new judge next week, please continue to pray for him and us. Also please continue to pray for the hunger situation, Rick and Dwight will be flying up north with the Mercy Air helicopter to deliver some much needed aid this weekend. We are praying for safety and good weather for their trip.
Thank you so much for your support and prayers...
Blessings, Rick , Heather & Tendai


stacy said...

well just so you know you are now on my list... and even if i never post anything i do read them all and we are praying for you guys! love in Him, stacy and ben

Captured by Marie-Eve Photography said...

I love your gross pictures. You're happy now?

Heather & Rick said...

haha.. thanks guys. and yes.. marie-eve.. im happy now!

Captured by Marie-Eve Photography said...

doesn't take much to make you happy :)

We had SPRING today. Raph loved being OUTSIDE for a change. YEAH, I love +10 weather. Now if he could just SLEEP, it would be a perfect day ;)