Saturday, September 26, 2009

WOOHOOOO. A spectacular Izzy UPDATE!!!

I know you are all wondering how many Izzy updates I can possibly make- but there will be some more coming up im sure! This weekend we were BLESSED and SHOCKED by several significant and, im sure, sacrificial giving donations towards our vehicle fund. We praise God that there are people who are so supportive of what we do here, and are willing to give of what they have to see our ministry here continue! We have now raised just over 50,000$, which is just a tiny bit away from having enough to place the initial order (it can take several months for the truck to be ready depending on orders etc).  We still need at least another 15,000$ to cover the rest of the truck costs and all the fees associated with it.
God is sooo Good, He is keeping Izzy running until her replacement can be ordered and gets here, and we are praying He continues to do so! Thanks to all who have donated, (you know who you are), we know for many of you the donations were given sacrificially and we thank you so much !
In other news the last few weeks have just flown by for us... here are some pics from the last two weeks!
We had a HUGE fire deliberatly set on the farm... we lost over half of our bush and livestock grazing area! Here are the workers coming out of the smoke with their fire fighting equipment (green branches).
Lynn watching some of the fire as it creeps closer to the dry creekbed.
The bottom line of fire is the firebreak fire our guys lit in an attempt to stop the fire on one side of the creek... at this point it worked, further up the creek it crossed and continued all the way thru the farm. Praise the Lord no farm buildings, livestock or  crops were burnt.
Some of our workers lost the hut they stay in during the work week. However, Rick and the workers ran into the buildings as they were burning and saved most of the items inside. (I was not impressed that they ran into burning buildings!)
One of the workers huts after the fire. He has already rebuilt with the help of friends!
We had to switch out our five thousand litre tank for a ten thousand litre tank this past week- with two new homes being built currently, more short termers coming and the possibility of us building a home in a year or so- we are definetly going to need the bigger tank!!
The rope the guys used to pull the tanks up and down. A little scarey looking.
The big tank moving into position.
The rather scarey looking contraption called mozambiquan scaffolding they used to hoist the tanks way up high onto the water tower!
It was Lynn's b-day so I made her some yummy cupcakes... and put them under the mountains of icing we enjoyed!
Tendai learned to stand in the last little while.. wont be long till she is walking!
We went for a swim down at a restaurant about a half hour down the highway from here.. its owned by a nice zimbabwean couple and they have a nice pool you can pay to swim in.
Tendai Loved it!
Thanks to all who are continuing to pray for us and our ministry here. Rick is heading up north for almost two weeks at the end of this week. Please pray for safety as he travels and health for him, and the truck! Also pray that the participants in the seminars will learn a lot and be blessed. Tendai and I will be home alone while he is away and could use your prayers as well!!
Blessings and Thanks for all the support and prayers!
Rick, Heather and Tendai!


Bela said...

Hi Heather!! Here I am checking your blog! :) It is quite good! Tendai pictures are so cute. :):)
It was good to meet you and chat about what Father is busy doing in your life. Exciting!!
I will be looking forward to read more of your news. I will keep an eye...
Blessings, Bela
my email address is:

Michelle Riggs said...

Amazing pictures!

Thank you so much for praying for my daughter, Abby.

I will pray for your family and your ministry.