Friday, September 4, 2009

Izzy Update

I know we have already posted this video once, but we wanted to let you know that- Praise The Lord- we are now over half way to our goal to purchase a new truck!!! And not a moment to soon!
We had to have the brakes "redone" on Izzy this past week (as they were FALLING OFF- literally!), and the mechanic says it will take another 350-400$ to fix the front end problems. I dont exactly 
understand what is wrong, but I heard the words "axle boot", "bearings", "joint", "front hub"- and apparently there is something wrong with all of them. The mechanic is going to make some parts 
work, as ordering them from South Africa will be way more expensive! 
We are thankful to have found a mechanic who knows what he is doing! Please continue to pray that funds will come in so that we can purchase a new safe truck so we can continue with our
ministry and safely travel around Mozambique with our family.
We have been alone on the farm since Wednesday, and will be until late next week, as Dwight & Lynn have gone to South Africa for a quick trip for errands - such as the dentist! Francois and Alta
will be gone until late October as they visit supporting churches and friends in South Africa and the UK.
Also this past week Rick came down with a bad case of Malaria combined with the flu - thankfully he is almost back to his regular self now, and Tendai has recovered from her pneumonia
completly! We are very grateful to the many around the globe who sent out prayer requests and prayed for them as we KNOW it made a big difference! Please continue to pray!
Blessings, Rick, Heather & Tendai.
p.s. i realise words are cut off on lines.. but i cant figure out what went wrong.. sooo you will all just have to try and figure it out! LOL

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