Saturday, October 10, 2009

Home Alone.. well.. sorta

This past week and a bit, I have been home "alone" with Tendai and Magnum, while Rick is up  north leading Children's Ministry Training Seminars. Its been hard being here without him, and I know its been tough for him up there too. We just didnt feel we could take Tendai camping for 12 days in the hot season... its well over plus forty every day up there! 
ITs been warm here as well, but not quite THAT warm. It turned out that we ended up having several opportunities to fellowship with other missionaries this past week, and I was able to make some really neat connections which have been really encouraging! Including the discovery of a  mom's and tot's group that meets in Chimoio! I AM SO EXCITED!!! I also delivered the orphan food for October, this time with Mathew and Tomei with me as Jorge was busy in town with Dwight. Glenn, our short term volunteer was supposed to come but he was really sick (PTL he is all better now!). This little guy (in the blue shirt) is one of our orphan kids I dont get to see to often.. he is usually scared of us. But this time he just giggled and smiled and was a cute as could be! This is Eunice, our ladies ministry co-ordinator, sewing some items and working on the projects the ladies make to sell to support their families. On orphan food delivery day I was also able to deliver a Shona Bible to a community leader in Chitundo, he has been asking for months, and has recently done a lot to help out the mission, so we found one and gave it to Him- he was soooo excited. And thanks us each time he sees us now. Some countries have the ice cream man and his truck.. here we have the maize truck.. just come with a sack! LOL.. just kidding... mathew and tomei couldnt get the back gate open and had to pour the maize out the window! We were also able to deliver new shirts to all the orphan kids, donated by Glenn's mom. They were all BRAND NEW shirts which the kids just LOVED. (Thank's Glenn's Mom!) The kids all piled in to see Tendai in her car seat- not sure what was more fascinating.. the baby or the seat! Tendai just hanging with her Tio Tomei (everyone is a a tio or a tia here- uncle or aunt) Mibia holding Tendai- who wasnt really interested in being Held. Mibia loves to hold her, but Tendai isnt much of a cuddler. This little guy (Chebo) and his brother (in the background), are new to our orphan program. He is such a sweetie and allways greets us so nicely- but his brother on the other hand is absolutly terrified of us.  So here are a few pics just of Tendai for friends and family (and everyone else too!) Its been pretty hot lately, so Tendai has been enjoying just hanging out in a tub of water on the verandah... that is her " I love this"  look. Thank you so much for all your prayers for us, Rick will be driving home tomorrow and we are going to be so glad to have him back! We are dong well here, and our next big project will be the VBS at the mission's school for up to 200 kids in early November- its a lot of work, and a ton of fun, but please pray for us as it takes a lot of prep work, and we dont have to much time to get stuff ready. Also, we are heading to Beira next  weekend to pick up another short term volunteer, and stop by Accao Social to see if we can hurry things along in any way.
Please pray for: 
-upcoming VBS, energy for us and our helpers, good weather and that the kids will be encouraged and will learn about God who loves them.
-for us as we travel, and that Tendai's paperwork will be sorted out quickly
- for mozambique as a whole- in just over two weeks we will be having a national election here, and as in many countries, passionate people often but heads and cause conflict at times like this.
Thank you again for all your prayers, please dont hesitate to email us or leave a comment on the blog!
Blessings, Heather and Tendai (and Rick of course but hes not here at the moment!)

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Bela Coelho said...

Hi Heather! Love to hear how things are going with you and Tendai. Tendai´s pictures are soo cute!! :)