Thursday, August 27, 2009


My blogger "dashboard" has informed me that this is to be my 100th post. I feel like I should be doing some sort of celebratory thing-a-majig or something. My friend gave away some books to a lucky reader with her 100th post, but somehow the prohibitive cost of postage from Mozambique to where most of my readers live is not making that a very appealing option. I thought of uploading a hundred pictures from our year here, but the thought of uploading for four days straight with our crazy satellite internet pushed that idea out of my head as well. Then I had the bright idea to come up with 100 quotes and experiences from the last year, until i realised that by quote #10 you would all have gone asleep or have given up on my Blog entirely.... so i scrapped that idea as well.  At this point i ran out of ideas and decided to simply blog a few pictures from the week. So here you have it... my stupendous 100th blog post!
The yummy tarts I made with the strawberries we bought from a little store about half an hour away from here - quite an accomplishment for me, as a year and a half ago i couldnt cook anything that didnt come out of a frozen food box!
One of the pedreiros (bricklayers) working on the foundation walls for the mercy air house.
Quesito working on the cement and stone foundation for the bridge that will lead to the airstrip.
On our way back from taking pictures at the bridge, Lynn and I ran into this lovely lady, a grandmother who had come to the farm with another elderly lady the mission assists. We discovered she had her ten day old baby granddaughter with her, and asked her if she would like to have the baby weighed and see if we could arrange for some formula for the infant. That tiny bundle on her back is the baby.
The little girl gets weighed at the clinic.. she weighs 1.750 Kilos... sooo incredibly tiny.
Granny with the blanket and clothing we gave her to keep the little girl warm.
And what would a 100th blog post be without a pic of one of the HUNDREDS of creepy crawly ickey things that live in our neck of the country. Someone told me this is a baby bearded dragon. ewww. does that mean there are big ones like this running around???? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!
Thank you all so much for your prayers. Tendai is doing sooo much better (for those who dont know, she had a bad case of pneumonia), and will be off the antibiotics soon. We are still waiting for paperwork to be aproved by a judge in Sofala province so we can begin the adoption proccess here in Manica province.
Rick has been down with the flu for the better part of this week, and ive been busy taking care of both of them! :) Praise the Lord Rick seems to be on the mend, and thankfully the weekend will be here soon so we can relax.  We heard this week that another 2,000 dollars came in for our truck fund - putting us past the half way mark! WOOHOO. God is good and we know He will continue to provide for our needs.  Thanks again for your prayers, as always, please know we appreciate each and every one of them! Blessings,
Rick & Heather

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Trevor Lund said...

Hey guys,

I have people all over twitter praying for Rick. You may have a rush of traffic to the blog, just so you know. We're keeping you both in prayer.