Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wow... what a week!

This past week we had twenty some pastors from around central and northern Mozambique, here on the farm for the July Intensive Training Seminar for our Bible School. We all had a hand in teaching different classes, and it was great to continue to build relationships with so many Christian leaders.  (see photos below) 
We were also blessed this week to be invited by local political leaders to join the greeting line for the President's visit to Vanduzi, a local community and our district centre. Having the president visit is NOT a common ocurrance, so it was amazing to be asked to be a part of it. It was also a testimony to the impact ASAM is having here in our local area! 
President Guebuza arrived with an entourage of SIX helicopters to a crowd of several thousand singing and dancing people- (not us- those of us in the line had to stand shoulder to shoulder and keep the "line closed"). It was quite an experience, and I must say I was bit awestruck by the grandness of such an entrance in a country with so much poverty and suffering.  The president seemed like a nice enough man, and even reached out and held Tendai for a little bit, allowing for some photos, before shaking our hands and moving on. The local officials were quite amazed- apparently he doesnt normally cuddle small children, so they were impressed! (So were we- we have a picture of her with the president.... this could come in handy for the adoption application proccess!) Anyways, here are some pictures from the day and last week.
President Guebuza cuddles baby Tendai Rosa- I was pretty excited about that. (you can ask lynn- i was pretty giddy)
Me teaching some actions for a bible verse, encouraging the pastors to use different methods of memorizing scripture.
Rick teaching a youth leadership course to several students.
The  pastors, and some of us missionaries. (missing: Alta and Lynn)
Rick, Tendai and I waiting to meet the president. (all of us squinting in the bright sun)
All dressed up and ready to go!
Once local leaders saw the president hold her, they all wanted to hold her! Here is our district police chief, Commondante Stephen.
Bye Bye Helicopter!!
I just liked this guy- he was one of the drummers who provided the music for the presidents arrival.
Aunty Lynn gets some cuddle time in.
We want to say thank you to all of you who have been keeping us in your prayers! Our truck fund is continuing to grow, we still have a way to go until we can purchase a new vehicle, but it is encouraging to see the goal getting closer.  We are also continuing to work on getting all our paperwork in order so we can apply to adopt Tendai officially. We appreciate your prayers and ask you to continue praying for us as we live and work here, for good health and safety for all three of us, and that our ministry will continue to be effective. 
Blessings, Rick & Heather

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