Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tendai- (Thank You)

This week we welcomed baby Tendai Flora-Beth Rosa to our family! Currently we are only fostering her until we can get our adoption application underway, and eventually, Lord willing, approved. Her given name is Rosa, but as we see her as God's gift to us, we felt it appropriate to name her Tendai (Tendye) a shona word meaning, "Thank You". She is seven months old, and a very petite 5 kilos.
Getting her arrival medical checkup by nurse Lynn- handy having a nurse next door! First walk- LOVED IT! Magnum has become very protective of her... he comes running when she cries.
What a beautiful smile!!!
giggling at daddy's silly faces.
We are so grateful to all of you who have been praying for this whole proccess. We have already seen God working. Please continue to pray for us and for Tendai- we are still waiting for results from her HIV test. We are praying that she will be negative, and could use all the prayers we can get! Also we need prayers that the paperwork we need will come quickly, the officials and judges will be in favor of our request to adopt and that usually slow process's will go QUICKLY!!! We are also asking for prayer for our vehicle fund, not only so we can effectively continue our ministry, but also because Tendai's carseat barely fits in the Isuzu!
 This week is a busy week with our intensive seminars going on here at the farm, rick is teaching every day, and I will be assisting as well as watching Tendai Rosa! Ahh the busy life of a parent!
Blessings, Rick and Heather!

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