Thursday, August 13, 2009

Orphan and Widow Food Delivery

Last week Lynn and I got to do orphan food delivery together again for the first time since Feburary!!! I was pretty excited as it meant I didnt have to either: a) drive our truck myself or b) con some willing short termer into driving it for me! ( I hate driving standard with a PASSION- although i am getting better) Of course I was also excited just cus its always more fun when Lynn comes with!
This is Mae Farece, she is in our Mercy Ministries program along with her blind daughter- they are such lovely ladies and we are really excited to be building them a brand new brick house with a zinc roof! Here Lynn is changing the dressing on a wound that developed on her ankle- thankfully it is slowly but surely getting better.
Mae Vaida, Gina, Farai and me. They had just recieved a packet of gifts left for them by the Nursing team that visited their home for three days to better understand " bush life."I have to tell you how excited I was to see the kids in our orphan program again after being gone for a month. When we got to Gina and Farai's to drop off the food and gifts Gina wasnt there, and I was rather dissapointed as I allways look forward to her huge smile and big hugs (in which she lovingly pats my fat rolls and calls me the shona equivalent of "fat mama"- which is a whole other blog post in itself.. one day...)
 As I said, I was rather dissapointed, but we got Farai to carefully check the supply list, and sign the reciept saying he had recieved them and prepared to go. Just then I looked up the highway and saw Gina, running full out... arms open wide. She ran right into my arms and gave me the biggest hug and asked where I had been. You know.. its moments like that, which remind me of why we are here, and what we do actually makes a difference in the peoples lives. I love knowing that I have developed a freindship with these children and hopefully they are seeing Jesus in me every time we drop of food and supplies to help them.
Vira and Angelina very happy to get their food supplies.. with an extra bonus this month, more awesome green beans from Vanduzi company!
Our maize storeroom is almost overflowing with sacs of Maize- PRAISE THE LORD!!!! We pray this will be enough to last until the harvest next year. Pray for a good growing season here in Mozambique.
Jorge shows me some of the clothes he purchased with money donated by a young boy in Canada (im sure lynn will blog the whole story yet so I wont steal the story- but its really cute!)  Jorge thought I was funny when I wanted a picture of these pants specifically- they have ASTRO BOY on them.. remember him??? I used to watch that show all the time!
Trying some of the clothes out on Francisco.
He is sooo cute. I havent seen him for quite a while so it was nice to get a chance to say Hi and see how he is doing! (they live deep in the bush).
This isnt one of our orphan kids, but he is a friend of Tito's- who as you will see in the next picture is also sporting a "all I want for Christmas...." smile at the moment!
I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with these children and their grannies, to train mozambiquan leaders in childrens ministry skills, and to work with so many amazing pastors from around the country. It is such an amazing feeling to absolutely love what you do and know that God has called you to do it!
Please continue to pray for us- we are slowly making some progress with the paperwork needed to apply to adopt Tendai- right now we are waiting for aproval from some key people, including the judge, in Sofala province, for her to be transfered officially to our province (Manica Province). Please pray that the judges heart will be softened and they will be receptive to our request. 
We also need prayer for our vehicle fund, the doors on our truck have started to refuse to lock again, so we had to disable some of the doors so its lockable again- I dont understand how it all works, I just know we need a new truck! LOL.  
Thank you so much for your prayers and support- Blessings!
Rick & Heather

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