Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We have arrived!

This is going to be a long rambling blog entry... There is just so much I want to say, but I will try to post lots of pictures to keep your interest! soooo......
After two VERY VERY long days of "fellowship" in our very stuffed truck we have arrived in Mozambique. Late sunday night we rolled into our new home and havent stopped since. Our trip up was, as mentioned, LONG, but we managed to keep ourselves fairly entertained. Border crossing was a breeze, despite the line-ups over a km long! (we had to wait a while.. but we didnt have to pay ANY duty so that was nice!) The second day was supposed to be about a ten hour day with stops, but turned into a 13 -14 hour day when we discovered the the back hatch on our truck had opened at some point after we stopped for lunch on the side of the road. We had to backtrack nearly and hour and half, and despite our best efforts, were only able to recover one of the lost bags. Although, none of our personal belongings were lost, we do feel quite badly for Lynn, who lost her laptop computer, and a bag full of newly purchased medicines. Please pray with us as they try and figure out the best way to replace the lost items.
After that long long long day in the truck- we arrived here at the farm. It is such a blessing to finally be here, but so overwhelming when we think of everything that we personally need to do to get set up, as well as the things that we need to learn! So many new faces and places. We are currently staying in a "almost done" cottage, that will eventually be home to some missionaries from Mercy Air in South Africa, we hope. Once Dwight and Lynn are finished their house, we will be moving into the cottage they are currently in. We spent most of yesterday in town (about an hour away) purchasing food and supplies. Its a crazy town, but we managed to find most of what we needed. Here in Mozambique, food prices are comparable to Canada, but items that are "luxury" items are more expensive. For instance, cans of whip cream costs more than ten bucks!

Hot water heater! First you make a fire.. then you wait a while.. and presto .. HOT WATER. The system is called a Donkey (i dont know why).

As in many countries in Africa, the rural people here have a terrible habit of BURNING the dry grass. Traditionaly it was done to help make hunting easier and to be able to see lions better. But now, there are few hunters and fewer lions. And for some reason, they choose the driest, windiest time of year to burn in. Every year countless crops and homes are destroyed and this year is no different. Today we heard that one of our mission employee's family lost everything last night - their homes and their entire supply of food for the year. Please pray for them.

Ricks feet after two hours fighting fires.

Rick, Dwight and our two guards spent over two hours last night fighting a kilometre long stretch of fire that had crossed the fire break boundary on the farm. And by fighting, I mean beating it out with sticks. I had one very tired, very dirty husband come home! We were all grateful for their efforts however, they stopped the fire before it burnt too much of the farm, and no one was hurt in the effort.

Lynn &Co. trying to see an Xray, with no lights, and no sun to help!

Taking Enia's blood pressure.

Today I went with Lynn to visit an elderly lady with leprosy. It was my first home visit, and I really enjoyed seeing Lynn, doing what she does best... NURSE!! Im sure the next few weeks will be full of suprises, new people and so much learning. Please pray for us as we adjust. We do appreciate your prayers sooo much. Another prayer request is for our vehicle fund. The mission vehicle that we are currently trying to get in running order is quite old, and we will soon need to be thinking about raising funds for a new one. Vehicles here ( as in the rest of the world) are quite expensive! We want to say thank you to everyone who prayed for our journey to Mozambique. God bless. and Ill try to post more soon!

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