Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hey!!! Its an..... oh never mind.. its an Impala.

Angry Elephant- whiny engine from red car... shiny truck... elephant stuck in the middle. Bath time for baby ellies!
I love lots of things about Africa-( the heat is not one of them), but some of my favorite things are the animals- not including reptiles of any sort! This past weekend we were able to spend several days at Kruger National Park with Dwight and Lynn, and their neice Kim. What a blessing it was to be able to see so many of God's creatures- in such beautiful surroundings. We were able to see Africa's "Big 5" and numerous other animals as well. Lynn's blog has great pics of the Big 5 that we saw so make sure to click on the link and check out her page as well (link is on right hand side of this page).
Rick checking out the view from a hill high above the "flood plain" of a dam. Its been so dry lately even the dams have dried up!
As the title of this entry implies, by the end of our drives we were beginning to feel like we had seen at least half of the parks hundred thousand Impalas. However we made a game of being just as excited about the impalas as the beautiful lioness's we had the blessing of viewing, the baby elephants and the leopard. Kim in particular was very good at joyous excalamations over Impala. :)

Lynn enjoying her breakfast, watching the Impalas that snuck into our camp (ours didnt have a cattle gate).

God gave us two good days of relaxation and fellowship with our new team mates, and for that we are very grateful. After our wonderful time in Kruger, we returned to Nelspruit for several more days of business, errands and supply purchasing. It will be a miracle if we manage to get all of this stuff into (and on) the truck. And there are things we havent even gotten here, that we will be purchasing in Mozambique! Tomorow (friday) will be our last day of errands- and then we hope to be on the road very early on Saturday. We are planning to spend most of tomorow afternoon "practice packing" so we can determine the best way to sqeeze everything we have into the truck.

some of our supplies- a power invertor (small but costly!!!) and deep cycle batteries.. our source of power until we get a generator of our own.
Please pray for us as we travel- for safety as we drive for two ten hour days (minimum!), and also for hassle-free border crossings and good fellowship with each other as we travel. (Five adults in a "bakkie" is not exactly "fellowship" but we can try!!!) Thank you so much for your prayers- we look forward to arriving in the land of our calling!


L. Lagore said...

It may be practice packing in theory, but in reality, it'll be the "real thing". You watch ;)

Jennell said...

Well with Heather I'm sure there will be a least one "practice pack"...much to Rick's disappointment cause he'll be hoping for one "repacking." And this time I won't be there to help Heather when Rick gets tired of changing things around lol.

Love the pictures by the way...impressive sunset!