Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bem Vindo!

Today(sunday) we went to Pastor Ricardo's church near Chitundo. Chitundo is about 15 minutes from here by car, and Pastor Ricardo is the local guy in charge of the pastors training program. He invited us to come to his church today as they wanted to officially welcome Rick and I to Mozambique.
The "youth choir" singing and dancing!
I love African music and singing, and I knew this would be a time filled with much music! I was not dissapointed. As we drove up to the seemingly deserted church yard, women apeared out of nowhere, began waving their wraps around their heads and singing to welcome us to their church. Lets just say it was a special moment for me. We of course were asked to bring greetings from Canada, and to share a word... and then Dwight shared a "couple" of words, and then Pastor Ricardo translated, and then reiterated the sermon once Dwight was done. You just have to love African church services!
Little girl dancing during the worship- her feet moved so fast they appear as a blur! This church is just an amazing little church, its nothing but sticks, thatch and some mud, and they squeezed an awful lot of people into this tiny room, but they have heart! They run a feeding and "sunday school" type program every saturday for over forty children from the area, and they are directly responsible for helping out several families of orphans and several widows. It is amazing and humbling to see. Pastor Ricardo's wife also made a delicious lunch of chicken, rice and salad for us, what a blessing and how humbling it is to be served by those who have so little to give. We even learned a thing or two about cooking and a new spice from the pastors wife! The inside of the tiny church, and our meal. Another suprise was to see Marta's grandmother at this service, she had to come quite far to reach this church. If you remember from a while back, Marta was the little baby who passed away. She had recieved only mashed peanuts and corn for food and her little three month old body just couldnt survive. Today Marta's granny praised God for the help she is recieving, and for the knowledge she has that her little grandaughter is in Heaven, rejoicing with the angels. Baby Marta's grannie describing to the younger women what happened to her granddaughter. All in all.. it was an awesome day.... Ill end this post with a nice little pic of Jack. Jack is Kim's pet baby chameleon. I have to admit... reluctantly... that i sorta like jack. He's just about as cute as a lizard can get. And... much to everyones shock im sure, I have actually held him. Now dont go getting all excited- I still have no use for any other lizards, snakes or creepy crawly things. In fact the big chameleons have no hope of being held by me... and the geckos in our house creep me right out. But Jack... i have to say... I like. :)

Jack on his favorite branch

Please pray for us this next week, Rick is hosting a group from "farming God's way" who are coming to try and offer some practical advice for improving our sustainable agriculture program... which we have yet to really see! But Dwight will be gone teaching at extension schools so the job of hosting falls to Rick! Also please pray for the farm as well, Rick and Dwight had to go out today to fight yet another fire. Not only is it bad for the trees and land, but it is dangerous for our guys to be out there fighting fires, with no water, only sticks!!!! Thank you for all your prayers. God Bless,Rick and Heather

p.s we hope to upload another video this coming week- we cant promise.. but we will try!!!! so keep looking out for it!

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