Monday, September 29, 2008

Ups and Downs

This past week and a bit has been an emotional rollercoaster for me- Last Monday (the22) my mom was admitted to the hospital in Moncton, New Brunswick, with congestive heart failure. Tests revealed that her aortic valve is leaking and her heart was beating irregularly at upwards of 160 beats! The doctors tried a technique where they stop your heart and re-start it, with some success. Her heart rate was still high (90’s) but it was now regular and she wasn’t short of breath. Things looked good, and it looked like she might even be released on this past Sunday. It wasn’t to be however, as she took a turn for the worse on Sunday, her heart rate up around 160 again. Another round of stopping and starting and some new med combo’s will hopefully have her back into an allowable range soon.
It has been hard to be so far away and unable to be there for and with her. God has been good however, we know we have hundreds of people around the globe praying for us, and it is because of those prayers we have been able to continue on here, trusting in our Heavenly father. As Dwight told me, “nothing in this situation is a surprise to God.” I have remembered these words over the last week often. Please continue to pray with us for continued healing for my mother, peace for myself and Rick, my father and sister, and wisdom for the doctors. Also, my mother is scheduled for major back surgery next week, she has been waiting over three years for this surgery and we pray that if she is well enough it will still be a go, as her back pain greatly stresses her heart.Also, we have spent that past week nursing a tiny baby duiker (mini deer) back to health, she came to us via a local man who claimed he had found her on his farm. Most likely he had trapped her mother and figured he could make a few bucks of the silly “muzungus” who would buy the baby off of him. When she arrived her front two legs were paralyzed, she was dehydrated and very weak. Now she is walking on three of her legs, and can drink 200mls of milk in a sitting! It has been encouraging to watch her fight to learn how to walk, drink from a bottle and eat leaves.
All in all our last week has been a bit stressful, and combine that with four straight days of over 40 degree temperatures many of us here were beginning to feel a bit worn- me especially. But again, God is good, and some exciting things have been happening here, progress on Dwight and Lynn’s place has come along nicely and I have been able to get a lot of work done in organising the orphan program. We are excited to be where God has called us, and even though there may be some major bumps in the road, we know that all things will come together for good. Again, please pray with us, as your prayers mean so much to us, especially now. I’ll leave you with a few pictures from this past week so you can see some of what we see every day.
ok.. we dont see fire every day.. but this one was REALLY close to the farm and our homes- praise God that the last rainy season was wet enough to keep the riverbed full of green green grass that didnt burn

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