Sunday, July 6, 2008

Canada Day & BBQ!

The smile says it all.. these were good Pizza Buns! (notice we even decorated!)
Happy Belated Canada Day! We had a great Canada day here- after informing anyone who would listen that July 1st was The Day of Canada, we decided to make a "Canadian" style lunch for all the people who eat at the school. We decided on Pizza Buns, Ceasar Salad and Watermelon (goes perfect with Canada day!). After making over 200 Pizza Buns or Pizza Pao as the kids called them, we were able to enjoy some ourselves.. they were great! New favorite at Mount Horeb!
Adding the cheese.
Church members praying together.
This sunday was also Communion sunday at our church, which means we have Potluck and church in the morning instead of the evening. This month we had a Churrasco (BBQ) at the Farm. (I brought lots of bug reppellant this time... and i was the only one who did.. so it got used lots!) It was so awesome to have Communion up there, surrounded by God's creation. We do find church hard though, as we find we understand very little of what is said.. please pray for us regarding this, as it can be frustrating to not be able to actively participate! Its one thing to talk to people and ask them to repeat and slow down.. but kind hard to do that in the middle of a testimony or sermon!
Rick was asked to serve communion.
We went into the city this week to get our Visa's extended.. which was a little nervewracking.. only to find out that.. we had gone in to early! However, if we return next week they can give us a temporary visa.. no problem! Phew! I went totally expecting to find a building full of Federal Police in their uniforms, instead it was like any other office building, and most of the employees were wearing jeans and sweaters! When we walked in, there were about 50 people sitting in chairs waiting and I was thinking.. "my goodness- we will be here all day!" Then we were directed to tiny sign on the wall "estrangeiros" (foriegners) -we were second in line there! WOOHOO! For once I am glad to be a foreigner!
We only just discovered the "pay by the kilo" ice cream store in town owned by our friends.. Rick is enjoying a much needed milk shake!
All in all we have had a great week, please continue to keep us in your prayers, we need them so much! It is now only 6 weeks until we arrive in South Africa- hard to believe it is coming so quickly! We cant wait to post pictures and stories from there!
This last pic is for allllll the people who tried to buy our "donation box" off of our display. Its made entirely of coke bottle caps.. and here is a milking stool that says "drink coke" on it!!! I know there are people out there who will find that funny!

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