Sunday, June 29, 2008

This week.

Is there anything better than a picture of a little girl swinging??- not a care in the world! I love baby cows! This pic is for the Moffats! (im secretly naming the calf on the left.. maestro!)
Hey all- another week has flown by here in Brazil- we are now well over half way done our time here, and can hardly believe it! This week we spent time at the mission's farm on a field trip with a grade 1/2 class from the school- which was a lot of fun, except for the numerous bug bites!Aparently I am slighty more allergic to these "borrachuda" bites than rick is, as my legs were quite swollen and hot to the touch for two days before they started to heal.
I got UNDER the tree swing for some good pics!
I just love it when teachers are "cool" enough to play with their students!! rick... up in a tree rescuing the soccer ball. Rick and the boys at Soccer Outreach doing some pushups. We also spent time in Curitiba with Mariana (our teacher) and her husband working on learning more vocabulary as we made a traditional brazillian meal and enjoyed it together! Celso remembered that i wanted to visit the famous opera house- constructed entirely of steel and glass. So after our enormous meal yesterday we went and took some pics. I wish we could have stayed longer! All in all it was a great week, we learnt alot, as we were able to again visit with people. Just today i spent nearly an hour just talking away with Suely- It is quite satisfying to know I can do that now!!!! We are enjoying Brazil... but on days like today we long for rural mozambique.. (or rural anywhere for that matter!) For some reason every car in town is driving around honking their horns... (and have been for several hours now). Brazillians love to celebrate.. and celebrate they do! We were awoken this morning at 7 am by fireworks, and the celebrating has not slowed down much since. I have no idea what they are celebrating... but right now.... i would love to be in mozambique. in the bush. in the quiet. :) ( i was just informed... it is the festival of saint peter!) And of course.. i must leave you with a final note about snakes. This past week while working up at the farm, Rick and Claudinho encountered some snakes.. there is some debate as to whether they were actually dangerous or not, but my theory is.. the only good snake is a dead snake. And since the mission has lost several cows recently to snake bites, nobody is taking chances. Anyways, Rick had to kill four snakes- and on thursday when we returned to the Chacara he felt he needed some pictures of the bodies. So here you go... here is Rick and one half of one of the snakes he killed. (the other half was way, way to gross to pick up)

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L. Lagore said...

Hey, great photos! That snake looks very interesting. What kind is it? If you were here I'd guess it was a puff or gaboon adder, but in Brazil...I have no clue.