Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well... one of the activities that Rick loves, besides hunting of course.. is Fishing. Aparently there are a lot of brazillians who enjoy this activity as well, and Rick has met up with them all I think! One thing we have realised as we have been studying and trying to learn portuguese is that the best way to learn is to talk to people. We have spent many evenings at peoples houses trying to speak and communicate- and are happy to report that our work is paying off! We can now spend entire days with people who speak NO english, and get along just fine! It really is rather satisfying!
Rick has spent several weekend days with several different guys just going out fishing! Its a great time to relax for him, but also a great time to tak with the men and practice his portuguese. Here are some pics from the various fishing trips.
The first fishing trip with Borges- doesnt the condition of this boat just inspire confidence??! They used the one on the left.. which only looks better because they bailed all the water out of it! (btw.. didnt catch anything)
Borges, paddling along. Borges is a great teacher. If we dont say something correctly he makes us repeat after him until we say it just right!

Second fishing trip, this time with Denilson- he has his own motorized boat- now we are going high class! (still didnt catch anything)
Third fishing day- this time with Denilson, his wife Roasanne and their son Derick. This time I went along too, and we went to a place where the little ponds are stocked. It took some time, but we all caught something.. and enough big enough to keep for an amazing supper.
Rick and his first catch of the day... yeah.. this guy was a bit small for dinner!

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