Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gotta love Concrete!

So this past friday, Claudinho , Jaxson, the other guy from the farm whose name I do not know, and Rick laid out some more concrete pad sidewalk areas at Mount Horeb. As is the case in many countries.. they spent half the day waiting for more concrete to arrive, but they still managed to get it done! This of course is old school concrete.. the kind you have to mix yourself! I of course assisted by taking as many pictures as I could.
As nice as the new sidewalks look, i was not loving concrete the next day when i spent half an hour scrubbing ricks socks and pants.. and they still are not even remotely clean. ARGH.
I also spent the lunch hour teaching Cirlene and some of the other ladies how to make friendship bracelets, after the discovery of embroidery thread in the "clothes room". I think Cirlene said they are leftovers from Donna Ruth's store- all I can say is- Thanks for the Leftovers! Cirlene thinks this is a great project to teach the girls... she wants me to go up to Cacador and teach them there!
Also, the church had its own festa de junina this saturday (man there are a lot of these festa's!) We had a great time.. Rick got allll dressed up for the event! No festa de junina is complete without a mock wedding, in which the groom is not at all interested in getting married. (I have asked about this festa and its customs.. the reply i get is allways "its cultural"... right.) I dont understand it, but its funny to watch! They also had this massive fire- it was pretty cool! I got a picture of the full moon, thru the sparks. (I really like this picture!)
This coming week we are taking advantage of the slower days at Mount Horeb to take a break and go visit the beach. It will probably be our last break for quite some time, so we are looking forward to a little relaxation. Please contintue to pray for our language training, and also for our upcoming travels- Africa is only 4 weeks away!!!

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