Monday, June 23, 2008


This week was one of those weeks that just flew by! Between lessons, visiting friends for supper, volunteering and trying not to freeze we have been rather busy! Despite the rather cold weather at the beginning of our week, we managed to stay warm for the most part. We did however wake up on Monday morning with a heavy heavy layer of frost! It was almost ubelievable to me that we are in BRAZIL, and are waking up with the windows of the vehicles covered in ICE!
We also spent time this week at Mount Horebe helping out. This week I was actually needed in the kitchen, as Cirlene (head cook) was ill for few days and the kitchen needed an extra pair of hands. I am enjoying helping in the kitchen, because I am learning how to cook a lot of things that i would never have even thought of! Like this week I learned how to make home made onion rings. mmmmmmmmm... so good. Im also learning to bake cakes, make cookies, bread, a million different ways to fry meat, and of course a lot of salads. (hopefully i can remember all this once we get to Mozambique!)
Although our view of sunsets is now somewhat blocked by the house extension project of our backdoor neighbor, I managed to get these gorgeous pics this week. Amazing the amount of creativity and beauty God manages to pour into such a daily act as the sun setting!
It was also Rebekas birthday this week, so we bought her a cute little makeup set (im sure Suely - her mom- was thrilled! LOL) I have already had my first makeover involving the set, and Im sure there are more beauty sessions to come!
Please pray for us as we are now over half way thru our time in Brazil. We are beginning to really feel the strain of language training, and can feel the inevitable frustrations with verb tenses and conjugations creeping in! We know it is thru the prayers of our many friends and family at home, that we are able to continue learning at this pace- and although we have no illusions of being fluent in portuguese in two months, we know we can at least get our point across! Also please uphold the Mozambique mission in prayer as well, currently they have been waiting for lumber to arrive for several weeks! This lumber will be used for roof trusses for Dwight and Lynn's home. When their home is complete, we will live in the cottage- instead of a tent!
Thanks for all your prayers, God Bless.
Rick and Heather

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L. Lagore said...

Very nice sunset! It looks like a game of x's and o's :)