Monday, June 16, 2008


Hungry- in more ways than one! This past week we purchased a small BBQ to cook with. BBQ'd meat is way better than fried, and it saves us from having to eat the creations I come up with(for a few nights every week anyways)- I am not the worlds greatest cook by any stretch of the imagination!
This was a grilled cheese sandwhich at one point.
We were also very priviledged on Saturday night to attend the Mount Horeb Festa for Dia Des Namorados- similar to valentines day. It was a great party, and they had amazing amounts of food.. Im sure we didnt even eat half of it! Chocolates, pies, appetizers, punch, pop you name it... they had it.. mmmmmmmm. We definetly were not hungry when we left there! It was a fun evening, Mount Horeb has put it on three years in a row, and it is open for the community to come, they have live music and everything... but no alcohol. It is a great way to show the community that you can have fun and dance and have a great time, without getting drunk or high. We invited three couples we have met over our time here& it was a lot of fun to get to know them better.
They had a projector set up, and you could send messages to your loved one... I had written it out for the guy.. but i guess the spelling got lost somewhere between the paper and him!!
Rick and I trying out our new dance moves at the festa.
This past week I also was "told" I would be doing special music in church. Well.. actually I was "asked" but "no" was not one of the options for my answer. "Yes" "of course" and "yippee!" would have all been suitable. I was terrified, but I got up and played the worship song "Hungry" and sang in English. We had just finished singing it in Portuguese as a congregation so it went rather nicely together. There are many days here where we feel so exhausted and tired! Some days it feels like our brains cannot take any more learning... on those days.. we run to the Father .. HUNGRY for help & comfort. God has been so faithful to keep us healthy and has enabled us to learn so so much in such a short time.. we are so grateful to Him and to all of you who continually hold up us and this ministry in prayer.
We know there were people praying this past weekend when Abel (works for the mission) was in an accident with the MH truck. He came around a corner and a guy driving a motorcycle was on the wrong side of the road. Abel tried to brake and avoid him, but the guy was going to fast and crashed right into the front of the truck. It is by God's grace alone that Abel was not hurt and the other gentleman was not killed. Thankfully he had on a helmet, which protected as he hit the windshield and then cartwheeled over the back of the truck. Praise God that he was not injured more seriously than he was. However.. please pray for the provision of a new vehicle or funds for one, as the mission is in need of a vehicle that can handle driving to the rural communities.
Also, please pray for the grandmother of little Marta. ( I stole this pic from Lynn) Marta passed away last week, they came to the mission for help, but her little 2 Kilo body was just too weak to survive. The grandmother still has two other grandchildren to care for, as both of the parents have passed away. Situations like this are not uncommon in Mozambique, and it is these kinds of things that we will be faced with all the time. Please pray for these people, and also for us. We will need a lot of strength, physically and emotionally to deal with these situations.
The news from Mozambique is encouraging, work is progressing on the projects. We cant wait to get there and begin our ministry in Mozambique!!!!!!
Thank you so much for your prayers,
God Bless,
Rick and Heather

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