Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Goodbye for Now

So here it is, the tears have been cried, friends and family hugged, and we are finally off pursueing God, and His call for our lives. What an exciting feeling to know that without God you truly have nothing, and without Him, there would be no passion, and no purpose. Well, as exciting as all that sounds, at the moment, I am just here in the Toronto airport, reflecting on the day. Ahh, who am i kidding, i am sitting here, totally beat, and tired, but yes, i am still excited. We don't yet have much to add to this blog but a thanks to those who have prayed, and supported, and loved. We appreciate each of you more then you know. A special thanks to all who called to say goodbye. It means the world. So, to all, Good Bye for now. I say for now because i am expecting a visit, so start saving. lol. sorry no pics. internet issues. lol will try later

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