Monday, April 7, 2008


Well, we have finally got our computer fixed and are ready to give updates on all that has been happening in our lives. Basically God is good. We have sold all of our "Stuff," quit our jobs, moved out of the garage and are ready to head for Africa, and God has been blessing us incredibly every step of the way. A special thanks to all those who have been part of that and who showed up in incredible support at our "Sell-ebration" on March 30th, as we sold most of our stuff, and raised some incredible moneyto help us when we head to Mozambique. I have a quick update for all those who have been praying for us in these last weeks- We were incredible blessed with our "sellebration" as we beat our target of $2000 by 10. Not $10, but $10, 000 over our expectations. God is definitely good. That means that not only did we finish paying off our debt, we put $10, 000 towards the work of SAM Ministries and our upcoming expenses. Thanks again to all who showed up at the event or prayed for us beforehand. God is faithful.
Another awesome praise report recently has been that we finally got our visa's approved for Brazil. For those who were not aware, our first application was put on hold and we were worried that it wouldn't happen. But thankfully, as many people prayed, they decided to finally give us our visa's which arrived just 5 days ago. That was close.
Anyways, we are now in New Brunswick staying with Heather's parents until April 17. We have been busy visiting family & speaking at various churches and Awana clubs. We were able to travel over the world famous Confederation Bridge to PEI, in 100 km/hour winds- which blew our little station wagon all over! We head home until April 22 when we leave for Brazil. Things are definitely getting crazy. We would also like to thank the Oteno's for a great performance at our fundraiser (i will post your video on facebook soon). Well, that is all for now, we will try and add a post again soon.

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