Monday, June 2, 2014

Have books... will travel!

Earlier this year Rick and I were called upon to deliver course books to some of the pastors studying in our Faith Bible Seminary program- because of the unrest last last year, many of them did not receive their books and would be even further behind if we couldnt get them delivered! We loaded up our truck and drove 4 hours north to Tete where we were able to deliver the books... in true African style, parked along the side of the road- a busy highway and a dusy side street!
The pastors were so excited to get their new study materials- books of any sort, training materials and input are desperately sought after here! Each of our students has to make a contribution toward the cost of the books, ensuring they are dedicated and will put in the effort to continue studying- these pastors couldnt wait to hand out the books and start studying!
Even if that means meeting us on the side of a very busy highway!

Or a dusty side road

Thanks for keeping the pastors in your prayers as they study, that they will be able to focus, understand and truly absorb what they take in. Pray for us as we teach at Intensive seminars for the monitors and pray for the churches all of the pastors in the program lead. 
Rick, Heather, Tendai & Ryan

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