Sunday, June 22, 2014

Team Zebra Update- busy busy busy!

For those who want to know what our family has been up too... heres a whack of pics from the last few months. From a lovely boat ride on the zambezi to splashing in rainy season puddles, homeschooling science activities and swimming fun the kids have been going full out! Ryan has grown by at least 5 cm in the last little while im sure, and Tendai is getting taller too...  nearly all their winter pants are too short ! Tendai can write her name, Ryan is learning to count, and both of them are getting fairly decent at swimming! Some of these pics are weekend pics, others are homeschooling adventures, some are from ministry opportunities... its been a very busy few months!
Heres some pics!

Team Zebra is so very thankful for the prayers and support of our friends, family, prayer warriors, supporters, and everyone else! We have had a very interesting year, lots of growth and changes, joy and heartbreak, laughter and tears- we cant wait to see how the next few months will be! Everyone is looking forward to going to Canada for furlough soon- even Ryan who is convinced that Canada is a place of magical white fluffy stuff and endless fun (based on his sister's recollections) and that planes equal unlimited TV time (ill admit, we do let them watch as much kiddy tv on the plane as they like)
We appreciate your continued prayers and support for our ministry here, and for our health and travel safety over the next few months- they are very busy ones, hosting several different teams and getting our house ready for our absence!
God Bless,
Rick, Heather, Tendai and Ryan

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