Friday, May 23, 2014

Cold Water to weary souls..

Proverbs 25:25 says "like cold water to a weary soul, so is Good news from a far off land"- I guess then that visitors from a far far far off land (home!) is like a refreshing dip in a pool at the bottom of a beautiful waterfall in oasis in a dessert! In may we were honored to host Len and Pam Friesen and 2 of their 3 kids for a few days at our home here in Moz.
Ive known Pam since I was, as my mother would say, "knee high to a grasshopper", and in my teens Len and Pam were my Awana youth leaders. Hosting them here at our home was a huge blessing for me, and I enjoyed being able to share our passion and ministry here with folks who have known us for so long! Here are some pics from their stay- we packed an awful lot into four days, including one whole day in town running errands!

 pam holding baby Heather - named after me!
 Len praying for Abel... who is laying very still after suffering severe burns to over half of his back, buttocks and thighs!
 Helping to pound the maize
 and seperate the kernel from the chaff.
 expert hands guide the inexperienced ones
 Elsa with a skipping rope donated by the Friesens
 Len and pam helped by handing out some Mozzie nets donated to Tapiwas family by his sponsor.
 And of course another skipping rope! (two years ago this little boy could not even grip a pencil in his hand, let alone master the coordination needed to jump rope... and not because he was young, but because of delay.. to see him do this is so encouraging!!)

 arriving at the mission's school.... allways excited for visitors!!
 cant go to the school and forget to play "dentre/fora".... a favourite!
 Rick filming a short video with the kids.
 serving lunch to LOTS of hungry students!

 helping to wash up the plates
 and developing hand eye coordination skills while we wait for the next class
 The friesens also met their sponsored child, Luisa, (in yellow) and enjoyed helping her family for a little while, collecting water from the well, getting the maize kernels off the cob, etc.

 Luisa and her Sister Elsa with Pastor Mariano and the Friesens

 Giving the girls pictures of the family- The Friesens are missionaries with AWANA in Manitoba and North Western Ontario, so they gave the girls their prayer cards.
Praying with Luisa before we left her home.

Once again, we are so grateful they took time out of their busy schedule to visit us- their presence here with us encouraged us greatly and was a great "tide us over" visit until we are able to go home and see the rest of our friends and family! Thank You Friesens- we enjoyed your visit and hope you will come again!! :)
God Bless,
Rick, Heather, Tendai & Ryan

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