Friday, May 23, 2014

Discover.... Africa!

Earlier this year our whole farm was privileged to host the "Discover" team from Prairie Bible College in Three Hills Alberta. These students are taking a one year course designed to expose them to missions, service, intercultural studies, discipleship etc. They spend a portion of their year, overseas, helping at various projects and getting exposed to various models of ministry. We were happy to host them here for the very first (but hopefully not the last) time, as they blessed us all immensely.

They helped in the fields of a local pastors family for quite a few days. The pastor was very sick, and actually passed away during their time here, and I know they were a huge blessing to the family, who might not have been able to deal with their machamba and tend to their ailing father at the same time.

They helped to deliver orphan food, dig latrine holes, wash laundry, carry water, fetch firewood, and numerous other jobs both in the community and here on the farm. The helped us run an orphan program event, prayed with people, sang with people and a few of them had the opportunity to preach in local churches.

Thank You Discover Team- You were a blessing to us all! If you are reading this, are thinking about college and thinking "hmm this discover program sounds like something I could really enjoy !!!" then click on this link to get a bit more info regarding the Discover program!

God Bless, Rick, Heather, Tendai & Rick

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