Friday, November 25, 2011

Pouring of all sorts.

We started pouring the floor on our house this week. The first day was PERFECT for pouring- overcast, cool and just fabulous. The second day started out well and the guys got a good bit accomplished... and then just after everyone had left for the day the heavens opened up and it POURED. The kind of thunderstorm where you run and hide and wish you had earplugs. Rick tried to get plastic over the newly poured floor, but fearing for his own safety  (in a lightning storm and standing on a mesh of rebar) he only got MOST of it covered... the very edge where he wasn't able to secure actually washed away, so we will have to repour there, as well as drain the remaining rooms that are waiting to be poured as they literally filled to the brim with water. It was nuts. 

Please pray with us as we try to get the rest of the floor poured next week. We need several days of non rainy weather in order to finish. Once the floor is done then rain wont be such a issue. As long as it isn't pouring like crazy work can continue, though at a slower pace.

Here are a few pictures from the last few days!
Rick helps to level out a stubborn "low part"
 Tendai learning a thing or two from Peter.
 Nearly half way done!
 We train em young out here!
Looks like she needed a bit more instruction.
One of our workers wheels a VERY heavy load of cement.
 Finished product-(the top part at least)
 wow. good thing we just got them new boots.
Tendai's boots after her hard five minutes of floor smoothing.
 This is what the foundations looked like today after the CRAZY thunderstorm. Totally flooded. Completly. ack!
 our foundations aka the lake. the rooms on the right were supposed to be poured today but we couldnt due to the rain.
Rick made a little hole in each room right by the edge of the foundation that we will repair later, but it helped to drain nearly all of the water in just a few hours.  In this picture you can see the waterfall off to the left if you look closely.

Starting tommorow, (Saturday the 26th) the Pastor Monitors begin arriving for this week of Intensive Training Seminars. Rick will be teaching two books as well as a shorter one hour seminar, and trying to keep everything going at our house as well. Please pray for him and the everyone else participating in next weeks busy activities!

God Bless,
Rick, Heather and Tendai Neufeld

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