Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November Update Video

Hey All, We posted this update video last week, If you havent already checked it out then here is your chance! We hope you enjoy it!  ( if you do enjoy it.. or even if you dont, take a moment to let us know!) :)

Tommorow (Nov 23rd) after several delays and much dirt packing and rebar tying... we are starting to pour the floor on our house! Please pray for good weather and no hiccups! We are so grateful to those who have donated thus far to our house fund and have made it possible for us to get to this point. We look forward to having this part done, and starting on the walls soon. We have enough funds to start the walls, but will need additional funding to finish them and for the more costly project parts such as roofing etc. Thanks for your prayers, we appreciate them so much! 
Rick, in addition to pouring our house floor with the guys will also be prepping for and teaching two books during next weeks intensive seminars! Please pray for us as this is a busy few weeks coming up!
God Bless,
Rick. Heather and Tendai Neufeld.

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Rick Cogbill said...

Awesome video, guys; thanks for taking the time to put it together! Hope the cement pouring goes well. God bless.