Friday, December 9, 2011

Invasion....some good...some not so good.

Some of the pastors enjoying a meal together, prepared by our school chef and some of the sponsored children who volunteer to help during their holiday.

This past week we were INVADED- By over forty pastor monitors who came to attend the Seminario Biblia de Fe (Faith Bible Seminary) intensive training seminars! All of these gentleman come to get trained twice yearly and then go home back to their communities and train many more pastors who are studying in our program there! 

What made this Intensive Seminar even MORE special that they normally are, is that we were for the first time EVER able to host it at the Training Centre which has been under construction for what feels like forever and was finally ready to be used. There is still some work to be done, but at least it is useable now!
Needless to say, EVERYONE was pretty excited to be using the training center! In the picture above you can see the three "wings"- on the left  and right are classrooms, and in the centre wing is a general meeting room, a administration office and what will one day be a bookstore.
 Dwight welcomes the pastors and gives the first devotional in the new building.
Pastors worshipping and praying together.

All of the missionaries are involved in some way or other with seminars. Rick was teaching two books this time, as well as a seminar on orphan care. In addition to that Rick managed to keep a pretty good handle on the work going on at our house and we were able to get the floor finished completly! YEY!
The pedreiros work to complete the last portion of floor.

Yey!!!! Its all done! Praise the Lord!

Its exciting for us to see the floor done, and we cant wait to see the walls start next week!(we hope!) Right now the guys are very busy making bricks for the walls- which is a big job, since we are gonna need an awful lot of bricks!

We have also been INVADED lately by insects. In particular ANTS. Every day I clean, spray, and try a new method of persuading them to go elsewhere. We havent had this problem before, but aparently this year the ants have decided to invade. Hoping the invasion ends soon. :)
 These are pictures of the INVASION of the flying ants. This does happen every year, and usually im prepared for it. It allways happens after major rains at this time of year. This year, I forgot. Perhaps because we were on furlough last year, but it completly took me by suprise this year, which meant I left our windows unsealed... and the flying ants INVADED. 
After a mild panic session, I hid in the bathroom with Tendai and let Rick take care of exterminating and cleaning up. ICK.
This year we have also had a problem with crocodiles which Ive blogged about before. Our river shouldnt have crocs at all, but it does for some reason. They are mostly small and not of the man-eating variety, but they have been attacking our sheep and lambs when they go to the river to drink. Domingo our shepherd caught one a month or so ago in his net, and just caught another one the other day. 

 The most recently caught croc, a small juvenile, and Domingo our shepherd in the background.
Tendai is so brave. I wouldn't even go near the thing. Go Tendai!! (I should clarify that it was dead. Im not about to let my child sit on a live crocodile)
 It was also Tendai's 3rd Birthday last week. We got her a bike on our last trip to South Africa, its still a bit big for her, but she enjoys trying it out every so often while she waits to grow into it! We cannot believe she is 3 years old already! It seems like just yesterday she was a tiny little baby being placed into our arms on the side of the road! She is such a blessing and we are so honored that God chose us to be her parents!

This week we have plenty of prayer requests and praise reports! Its a busy time here on the farm.

Prayer Requests

- One of our staff members, Charles, who has been with the mission a very long time had to have emergency surgery this week. It was a life and death situation and although he is still struggling with the aftereffects of having major surgery he seems to be doing ok. Please pray with us that they can keep infections away and under control (as in these conditions that is a constant and MAJOR threat) and he can remember to take it easy. In the pic below he is waving to all those who have prayed for him, this was taken the morning after his surgery when he was still on painkillers.

-Pray for us as missionaries as we are far from home and family during the holiday season. Many of us are travelling this year to various places, but we covet your prayers for our safety as we drive in less than ideal conditions. Dwight and Lynn are going to Canada on furlough so they are doing ALOT of traveling!
- Prayer for our house construction would be appreciated. Both that the guys will be able to get work done during the rainy season, and that we will have the funds to continue with our build. In a month or two we will be at a stage where we are going to need a large amount of funds at one time. If we don't have those funds we wont be able to continue.

Praise Reports-

-Most of the children in the Amigo Orphan Program passed their grades, and those who didnt have been identified and plans for tutoring help are in the work for next year.
-The rains have started and the local people have planted their fields- pray the rains will continue!
-We have family coming to visit next month as short term volunteers! We are sooo excited to go pick them up and have them visit us for a few weeks! 
-We get to spend a few days as a family over Christmas in South Africa, we still have errands to do, but we are hoping that we can find a day or two to have fun together as a family.

Again, Thanks to everyone for their support and prayers. We love to hear from you!
God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai

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Suzanne Kirk said...

Thank you Rick and Heather for your post. It is so great to be able to read what is happening there and to know how to pray for you guys. I can't believe that Tendai is 3, where does the time go? Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Much love from Canada

Andrew and Suzanne