Friday, October 16, 2009


Hey all! We just recieved word of another large donation towards our Truck fund! God is sooo good! According to our calculations we now need less than 10,000$ to completely pay for the truck and all the fees- please keep praying- we are sooo close. Also, please pray that the customs officials will not surprise us with any extra costs and fees. We are so excited to be so close to being able to order and completely pay for the truck- poor Izzy (our current truck) has decided to only use the fan (and thus the airconditioning) when she feels like it, and we had to spend another several hundred dollars last week to replace a seal on the differential (whatever that is).
In other news, we are making earrings at VBS this year... hundreds of them. We had made a few pairs with the orphan kids this past spring and sent them home to be used as gifts for sponsors and prizes for the SAMM Banquet. One person who received a pair, is Kelly, who mobilized the students at her school last year to raise enough funds for  us to purchase over TWENTY desks for our school kids here! She loved her coke bottle cap earrings so much she asked if we thought we could mass produce them with the school kids and send them back to Canada to be sold as a fundraiser by the kids in her school. Sure.. no problem we said! Heres hoping we get all the items, beads and hooks we need to make several hundred pairs at least! We will be making the five "flavours" pictured above- below are a few close-ups of the sample pairs i made this past week. These are just a few pictures of some odd and pretty flowers i found this week. The top one is a plant that uses those long green fingers to attach itself to the bark of a tree- its kinda neat to look at, and I had never seen them flowering before. This is just a pretty bunch of flowers.. i love the red, pink, yellow and orange.. I think they are actually weeds, but I dont care... they are just so cute.
Thanks again for all you prayers. Rick , Tendai and I will be heading out this weekend to Beira for two nights. We will be picking up a short-termer from the airport and visiting the folks at Accao Social (social action- the folks in charge of adoptions), in Beira to see if we can get Tendai's paperwork moving forward. We know they are busy right now, as it is only two weeks till the national elections and pretty much every government employee has been campaigning for their party for the last month or so.
Please pray for:
Upcoming VBS- energy for the leaders, and that our planning and supply purchases will get done quickly.
Tendais Paperwork- that it will start to move quicker and that the hearts of the officials will be opened.
IZZY's Replacement- That the last bit of funding will come in! AND PRAISE THE LORD for so many giving and loving people who have seen our need, and responded with sacrificial giving!
For continued health and safety for all of us, and for safety as we travel in the next few weeks.
God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai

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