Monday, July 20, 2009

A few shots of Beauty!

Again, Im sorry for the long space between posts!! Its been two weeks of being busy with stuff that doenst really warrant a slew of pictures, nor a blog post on the joys of paperwork and finance sheets! However, I did want to let you know we have made it home from South Africa- determined to never again have to make the trip in our Isuzu! This time down we were driving Dwight and Lynn's truck as it needed to be serviced,  and the difference was amazing! The roads are still horrible, but I never fully appreciated shock absorbers, leg room, functioning windshield wipers and lockable rear windows until this trip!!! Our last few days in South Africa I took a few pictures, all from the stairway leading to our flat at Mercy Air, one of the most peaceful places ever (once you get used to the small engine planes taking off and landing!).
There had been lots of fires burning in the Eucalyptus plantations (not bad fires, good ones to help remove old stumps so they can replant, i think) around Mercy Air, so the air was full of a smokey haze, which led to this beautiful sunset!
This beauty is just one of many flowers that graced our stairway, on this HUGE vine that went all the way up ! Only problem was there wasnt much room left to walk seeing as the jungle was kinda overtaking the whole thing, so they trimmed it back to make it easier to get up to our place without getting soaked by the rain/dew on the vine every time! Glad i got this picture before they trimmed it though.
I just like this picture... i think its pretty. :)
We want to thank everyone for their prayers, we have been recieving encouraging news regarding our desire to adopt, and hope to be able to give an update soon. We also have had many days of safe travel, and have been blessed to see our truck fund keep growing. We are praying that the rest of the funds will come in so we can continue with our childrens ministry training seminars up north- at this point taking our truck on another long trip up north seems rather sketchy- it barely survived the last trip!
Please continue to pray for us, our health, safety, work and ministry here in Mozambique! Also, this coming week we have our intensive training seminars for the monitors in our Bible School. This is a very busy time, Rick will be teaching two complete courses( Sunday School Ministry and Ministry to Youth), and I will be assisting with teaching each day on the topic of Scripture Memorization techniques. Please pray for a time of learning and fellowship with our Mozambiquan co-workers.  Blessings! Rick & Heather

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