Sunday, March 8, 2009

Taking Off!

Our Pilot- Dwight
That nice zinc roof down there is marosa's new home! the little dot in front of it is her old one!
This past week, only days before leaving for furlough and in the midst of mad flurry of paperwork and packing, Dwight took a few hours of his time to take Rick and I on a flyover of the farm. Matthew (our mission administrator) was with us in the truck, so lucky him ended up getting the ride of a lifetime as well! It was incredible to fly over this beautiful country- what looks amazing from the highway is downright spectacular from the air. We were able to get some good pictures and video of the farm, although I must admit, by the time we got there, and had finished our zig zagging, swooping, mock landings on unfinished air strips and such, my stomach had reached its limit! Matthew said his stomach was fine, but his head was "dizzy-ing"! Heres some pictures of the flight, if you'd like to see more click on this link to see my facebook album with all sorts of flyover pictures.

Matthew and Rick with an assortment of cameras in the back seat. Matthew was sooo excited.

At one point we flew up into the clouds. (not my favorite part of the flight) but Matthew was shocked that such a thing was even possible! He thought clouds were solid objects! When we got back on the ground he was telling everyone how he had been IN a cloud!

I got to sit up front with Dwight- he told me not to touch ANYTHING. So i spent the majority of the flight holding on to my seatbelt with a death grip!

The hub of our farm, the mission office is about half way up and on the left of the litchee trees. (its hidden behind a tree sorta). The roof towards the top and in the middle of the picture is Dwight and Lynn's house . The water tower, generator house, pumps etc are all located at the top of the litchee trees. Our little cottage is located just to the right of where this picture is, up near the top. You can kinda see the line across the top of where the river flows, as well as the area where our waterfall is- just below that section of rock in the upper right. I understand thats a lot of information, but apparently people want to know what everything is in these pictures!!!

Anyhew, thanks again for all the prayers. This past few days have been very tiring for Rick and I, both physically and emotionally. We will blog about all that has happened later this week, but just know that we value your prayers for the people we work with, as well as for us- some of the things we see here can just break your heart! God Bless, Rick & Heather.

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L. Lagore said...

Good post Heather, I had a good chuckle. but I don't have my reading glasses on yet this morning so all I could decipher in the aerial view of the base was the litchi trees :P